Let’s try this again.

It’s funny that I’m the one to do this.
Remember the big black and green guy from '09? Leader of the Skrall?
Yeah, him.
He was kinda cool, right?

Hi, I’m Lord_Tuma. Welcome to TumaFest.
It’s a contest to celebrate the under appreciated leader-class Skrall. Whether you draw, MOC, write about him, or nearly anything else, it’s probably a valid entry if it features the titular leader of the Skrall.
Well, as long as it applies to Board rules, at least.
Just post your work in this very topic for a chance to win. “Win what” says an intrigued fan such as yourself. You know that art you see some people with? No, not that one.
Or that one.
Or tha- okay.
I’m trying to say that I’ll give you a drawing if you emerge from this metaphorical digital arena victorious in your category. You can have a total of one entry in the contest, but if you change it to something you made that you enjoy more than your entry, just let me know if you change it. The contest will end on August 12th, and

That was a lot of writing, which means a lot of reading.
Let’s shorten this down so you’ll actually pay attention.

•Creativity will probably score you some points with the judges.
•You can do basically anything you want, as long as it applies to Board rules and features Tuma.
•There will be first, second and third place winners, each receiving a different amount or type of art than the other.


(Unless you really want it, I’ll come to you with the position for judge.)

Good luck! I can’t wait to see your entries.


I am a master. :laughing:
My title is just Protector.



I feel like doing both a revamp and a drawing for this. If I can be bothered.
August 12th?
I think I can do it…


Do a drawing of the revamp :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna do a drawing.

I’m tired, okay?


I wish I had enough time to participate. I’m interested to see the entries though.

K here’s a meme to kick things off


I remember when TumaFest was being talked about being some sort of spring MakutaFest. Or was it for some other season?

This will truly be a MIGHTY contest.


mate, flag it, don’t tag it.

and yea, @Lord_Tuma is a master.

also, count me in.

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Count me in… System mocs are allowed, correct? Also, maybe you should make seperate catergories, and just choose a winner from each. Comparing art and mocs is hard.

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I’m no judge but I think we have a winner


Oh man i love Tuma maby i will enter (and rebuild him)

Yo, I’ll enter.


I mean, I might actually do it this time.
The north remembers…

But you’re the in the south

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But like, I don’t even wanna live here bro!
And it’s like, a quote and stuff…

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And it’s weighing down heavy on me, and it’s not okay. Can you user out, and just stop?