Turaga Emon

"The peace of this land… was forged by the melding of many. Their unity, the foundation of this future we have so fortunately built.

A bygone turaga of stone who watches over a peaceful, secluded valley in the Southern Continent.

Local legend tells of an ancient and powerful shape shifting evil that was sealed away in the valley by heroes of old, though none can recall their names. The myth claims that the sword he carries is the key to the seal, but who would be so foolish to test such a story…

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Took a lot of inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus for this one obviously, specifically the namesake of the character in the game along with some plot elements. Also pulled a lot from my other MOC The Guide since I wanted the build to ooze character the way that one did, although I don’t think it turned out as great as that one. Still happy with it overall and had a ton of fun building him and bending the lore of the inspiration to fit in with a Bionicle theme.


Now this, this i like.


Very nice. The Turaga and the statue both look pretty good.

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very cool!

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I love the use of the G2 Polybag cloak thingy here!

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A good MOC, especially with the usage of the cloak and Kaukau nuvas, though its scale doesn’t feel like a Turaga to me.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

Appreciate it!

Thank you.

Happy you like it! It’s honestly such a cool piece, probably my favorite from G2 period even if I had to be honest.

Thank you, the Kaukau Nuvas where fun to work into it. Yeah it’s to scale with some other Turaga and Protector size MOCs I’ve been making lately, but compared to official sets it’s a bit big for sure.