Turaga Nuva

Following my interpretation of who I believe to be Turaga Lewa Nuva,
based on a concept art from Christian Faber seen in a Duckbricks’ video, here are all the others Turaga.
I started by making them clone sets, but I also wanted each one to have something special that set it apart from the others. Colorwise, I wanted them to have different colors from those of their last official look and closer to the color palette of the sets from the first years of Bionicle. I also added a little headcanon to all the Turaga.
(Noble Masks design by @Galva_Nize)


Over the years Kopaka’s temperament has worsened. Quick to anger, now he lives like a hermit among the snowy peaks of the reformed Spherus Magna, hunting down wild Rahi. He shows himself only if people nearby are in danger or if Tahu calls for an emergency meeting. The few who have seen him swear that he carries a spear with a red flag on it.
He doesn’t care that he has completed his destiny: he believes that his duty is not done yet. He doesn’t need a stick to walk around and is the only Turaga with two tools, one of which is his iconic shield. The red flag is his way to honor the memory of Matoro.


Wise and caring, Gali followed in the footsteps of Nokama and is now a teacher, hoping to guide the new generations towards a better future.
For Gali I wanted to make her look more acquatic, so I gave her a propeller blade. For her staff I first tried to make it in the shape of an arpoon, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result, so I opted for a fishing hook (which work also as a nod to her original Toa tools).


Gentle and stoic, Onua now leads expeditions in the underground of Spherus Magna and even if he may look like a fragile old man, he still conserves some of the strenght that he was known for.
I designed Onua to be the shortest and most hunched of the Team. His staff is the most technologically advanced digging tool (it’s a fancy shovel).


Always full of energy, Pohatu acts like one of those old Ussal crabs that refuse to admit they’re no longer young. He can still win a Kolhii match, but then he will suffer from pain in every part of his body and won’t show himself for a couple of days, untill he’s fully recovered.
I may have overdesigned him a little, but I really wanted to give him his iconic wide hips (and big feet). His staff is not a walking stick, but a custom Kolhii stick (in the shape of his Toa foot).


When the darkness was purged from our universe, as a counterbalance the Kanohi Avohkii lost its light and assumed an ethereal form. It is said that, should Evil ever return, the mask will regain its legendary powers and will be passed down to a new Toa of Light.
I designed Takanuva so that he can be built with existing pieces (at 99%, the only custom piece needed is the brainstalk) and so that there isn’t a single black piece on him.


Legendary hero, destroyer of the Rahkshi horde and having played a major role in the fall of the Great Being Velika, he’s now considered the de facto leader of Spherus Magna. As opposed to Kopaka, Tahu’s temperament has improved, but if someone threatens his people, the old firespitter could come out of retirement.
He personally guards a piece of the Golden Armor and it was really difficult to integrate it as a piece (the axle is not all the way through and there isn’t much space between the armor and the head). He also wears a traditional Turaga cape (even if it resembles a little Master Roshi’s shell).


Love the torso design




Could we get a shot of all seven of them together?

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I only had the time to drop them all aligned in the same file and render without any fancy poses.


It’s kind of odd to have onua have a gray mask.
I don’t know why but I dont really notice it with Lewa. I also like all of the small details to make each one more related to the Toa forms.