Turaga Sorean

There are many regions in the Matoran Universe, but few of them could truly call themselves independent nations in their own right, at least not without a lot of heated debate, even among scholars. One of the few regions that could unanimously be called a nation was the Empire of Synovoth, located just south of Odina. At the head of Synovoth’s government reigns its 37th Emperor, Turaga Sorean.

His Majesty, Emperor Sorean of Synovoth

Gender: Male
Species: Turaga of Sonics
Kanohi: Pehkui, Noble Mask of Deminishment
Pieces: 50

Sorean inherited the throne following the death of Turaga Nakata, the 36th Emperor who reigned for 476 years. During his rule, Sorean showed that he was a remarkable leader who truly cared for the well-being of his people, but was also prone to fear and paranoia. About 50 years after his reign began, he sought out Wardám, the Makuta of Synovoth, and asked for her aid in ruling the nation, going so far as to offer her a position of utmost power. After she declined, they came to a compromise where Wardám could be called upon by Sorean whenever he was in need for counsel in return for free reign to conduct her scientific studies for the Brotherhood.

In truth, Sorean has been a victim of Wardám’s manipulations. It was none other than she who planted the seeds of fear into his mind which affected the first half-century of his rule and it was she who manipulated the compromise to put herself in a position to continue to subtly influence and control him while she remains out of the spotlight and out of suspicion. Sorean acts like a king, but in the end he is little more than an unwitting, disposable pawn.

Emperor of Synovoth

Line of Succession
I. Altire (presumed deceased, 11,959 year reign)

XXXVI. Nakata, Turaga of Plasma (deceased, 476 year reign)
XXXVII. Sorean, Turaga of Sonics (incumbent, 1,388+ year reign)
XXXVIII. Unknown
(The Emperor can declare any Toa or Turaga to be their heir apparent at any time. No declaration from Sorean is known at the time of this writing.)


  • Sorean’s name and character are inspired by the character of the same name from Xenoblade Chronicles. His immediate predecessor’s name comes from the game character’s Japanese voice actor.
  • Unusually, Sorean’s hearing is not nearly as sensitive compared to others of his element.
  • Wardám’s manipulations of Sorean likely began long before he became Emperor. It’s not out of the question to say that she was responsible for Nakata’s death.

Cool to see a turaga build


ah neat
the colors and build look really great - tho i think the HF shins are a little to bulky for my taste


Admittedly, I’m not completely sold on the legs either, but it was the only way I could think of to use sand blue in that area.


Ah this moc looks pretty nice. The legs are a bit too large but overall the build’s a neat and simple one; I really like the staff and the sand blue. The lore is also quite interesting, very cool.


Turaga builds are pretty rare and most are really good and this falls into that category, I feel like I might have seen that torso somewhere else, though I might just get it mixed up with another one. But the colours are really good here.