Two Jallers?

This has been bothering my mind for a bit and I believe this forum is a good way of answering it. As we know that the Red Star is used to repair and return “deceased” members of the Mata Nui robot (as long as their mind isn’t fried), is it possible that we have two Jallers roaming in the main universe. I ask this because when Takutanuva opened the gate to re-enter Mata Nui he also revived Jaller. So how did his revival work?

  • Was it a mixture of light and darkness powers alongside a massive bank of energy that allowed him to completely regrow a body and bring Jaller back to life?
  • Or was he able to utilize teleportation to a grand scale to bring back Jaller’s body from the Red Star?
  • Maybe is there a delay in time between when a being is considered dead and when they are rebuilt in preparation for these cases where they can be revived directly?

There are so many questions that can be brought up from this topic, so sorry if this seems like a ramble. I also apologize if this topic has been answered already, but in my preparation of this post I did not find any in the relatable posts pop-up.


Given that the Red Star revival was a major element introduced just before the serials we shelved, I don’t think we’ll know unless Greg clarifies.

However, we do know that being leave ‘imprints’ on/in their masks for a while after death, so your suggestion that there is a delay in them being ‘uploaded’ makes sense.


It is said on BS01 that Red star places a being’s consiousness in a new body and returns them. Also it says that Takanuva (in fusion) used Teridax’s life energy to revive Jaller. So I think that Takutanuva just returned Jaller’s consiousness from the Red Star (Makuta do know how it works, don’t they?) and then used part of Teridax energy to create new body. Like if Makuta can absorb other beings they can also reverse it (theoretically). Concept of 2 Jallers would be an interesting one, but I think that there are already too much problems on Spherus Magna.


Yeah, and so even if Jaller’s conscience was returned to him in this fashion, would that leave an empty husk, zombie Jaller back at the Red Star, or would it have been converted to energy to transport Jaller’s mind back?


Well, here your theory works: if they build a new body on th Red Star, then they might haven’t built a new body for Jaller. So there are three variants:

  • they haven’t built a new body
  • they have built body but haven’t placed Jaller’s cnsiousness in it
  • they have built body and have placed Jaller’s consiousness in it, then:
    a) his body on the Red Star was deactivated after revival
    b) his body now a zombie
    c) we have 2 Jallers

Also I just discovered that that conversation is not to be at all - Jaller died outside MU and thus, haven’t been revived on the Red Star. So the way how Jaller was revived by Takutanuva is just magic. But it is still an enteresting question - what happens if a dead being (that is on the Red Star at the moment) is revived somehow?


Jaller did die outside the MU, but the mask was subsequently brought to (and resurrected in) the Mangaia, which is inside the MU - yet another potential wrinkle!


Should probably get someone to move this topic into Ask Greg so the man himself can give us an answer.

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This is quite a fascinating question, I would think that bringing Jaller’s mask inside the GSR after Jaller died would mean he wasn’t transferred to the red star. That would mean that Takutanuva just straight up revives Jaller.

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He was outside of the Robot, Red Star does not work for “outside”.


Jaller died outside of the MU, so he was not transported to the Red Star, but an impression of his consciousness was still on his Hau, which Takutanuva used to reconstruct Jaller by using his own life-force.


Going with purely scientific approach… All beings in the MU were linked wia a net to the servers in the Red Star. In the case they’d destroyed, the Red Star copies the contents of their memory records ad 3d prints a perfect copy of the destroyed. So, yes, there can be two Jallers, as the “resurrected” one is just a copy.

There was an interview with Greg with Beaverhouse where they discuss this exact topic

Could you site this. Because if so it could provide the answer.

Here it is!

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Alright, from this I gleam that this case falls under the delayed revival of beings on the Red Star, so Jaller was not yet resurrected by the time Takutanuva had done so and it was no longer necessary to do so. So there is no second Jaller, although it might have been possible. Thanks a lot for finding this conversation.