Umarak Master of the Hunt

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I wanted to make Umarak more humanoid, I really didn’t like his legs and how huge his antlers were. I originally made a super simple Umarak and realized how boring it looked so I decided to make him bigger instead and I think he looks pretty good.

My main problem with his build is his thin waist but I think I did a pretty good job with it. Surprisingly most of the parts I used to build him are pretty available in the CCBS sets.


This is really cool in my opinion, love the new legs you gave him, the legs on his real set are just ugly, and you bulked him up and made him a whole lot more menacing, nice work!

As you addressed the waist and lower torso is a bit thin, but for me it doesn’t bug me as much as it may bug others.

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A really cool revamp I must say.
Your version of Umarak really gives a “shadow hunter” feel, his shape and overall proportions suits him perfectly.
I also like you gave him a spear as well as his original bow and knife.
The lower torso might look a bit thin, but it goes well with the skeletal yorso he has.

Only complaints I have are the hf 2.0 feet, I think his original ones suits him better, and the overabundance of silver on his arms.

On a side note: I like you have used the unity pieces on his lower arms… can you show some creatures attached to them? Pretty please?

Those dogs are cool! Noice

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I’m not really fond of this version of Umarak as it removes his unique traits, but those dogs are fantastic.


I think the clown HF feet are fine, combined with the shins, it looks like he has combat boots to treck through forests

He’s decent, not big on how you removed his bestial looking legs though these ones are fine.

The hunting dogs are a great idea! I respect that

He’s good, but he’s a lot more beefcakey now.

This looks very cool!

So, you made everything bigger, except his antlers?

They look eh.

But the rest of this MOC, is amazing! :smile:

I like him! The antlers look cleaner, and he looks cooler in general, but personally considering his origin I prefer the more Wendigo appearance! He looks pretty good, and I like his crossbow and build, but some things bother me, that being he has too much gunmetal, silver, and his waist is oddly shaped with the Skrall armor and the Brain Attack torso on it.

But still looks really good!

Nice, but I feel that it looses the primal, animalistic, feral, unbridled astetic of the original. I get that you don’t like that original look, but without it I feel that it becomes quite generic. I like the hands, though.

Getting a bit of a TF;AoE Lockdown vibe, especially with the trap creatures. How did you do those btw? :slight_smile:

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Really cool! The only problem I have is the height of his body.

it’s hard to explain how it works but there are clearer pictures in another topic on the board

Looks pretty good, I will say that I think the antlers need to be bigger, and he should use less mettalic colors.

finally got around to showing off how I did it, a little bit cheaty but it works

I got to admit this looks great.
Really like what you did to Umarak.

wow this actually looks really cool ! one of best mocs i have seen in a while ! and i really like the creatures !