Umarak Revamp

At last, my first actual Bionicle MOC… (and post on the message boards, go figure)

I’ve had the generic design built for quite a long time, then I was inspired by this artbook piece to create a more knightly and armored Umarak than what we got in set form:

At this point, of course, he has quite strayed from the drawing.

Now, for the figure itself:

Anyway, at the moment I am specifically looking for critique and opinion on the figure as a whole, so please tell me what you think!


Great mock, I love he shaping especially those legs! My only citric is that tea horns seem a bit bulky. Also, where is his shark head dog thing?

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Given how armored and bulky the rest of the figure is, the lower legs look too skinny to me. Not my only opinion on the MOC, but it’s what stood out to me right away.


While this is based on the artbook, the monochrome color doesn’t flesh out the model much from certain poses, but the build is still well put.
The horns looks weaker than the front leg tbh and the lower arms seems a tad larger, the moc still try to define who it’s based on and you did a solid job.


Oh, that’s cool. The only thing I could say is the piston type things on the lower legs look a little out of place, but this is really great.

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This guy is really great, and i love the way you did the legs

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I have an idea for bulking them up… if I place ball joints on the pistons I can add a CCBS shell. The question is then whether that would look strange or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the moc a lot but one thing I would change would be to add some ccbs shells to the lower legs to make them more bulky as the look a little to scrawny in comparison to the rest of the moc. Other than that I think the general silhouette doesn’t look that good with the hips being to narrow and making the shoulders look to broad by comparison. I do enjoy how solid the torso looks though.

The absence of brown, dark tan, and dark red here does detract a little from the evil forest spirit look, but the gunmetal and trans green do contrast each other nicely. It really makes him feel like someone whose a bit more reserved, going by a certain code but still having a sinister edge. Aside from that, I will say that the legs do execute the gritty, digitigrade appearance of the official set’s in a more solid manner; their construction looking a little better from certain angles.


I like the legs and I don’t know why.

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I quite enjoy this. The build is very nice, with some nice shaping and coverage. I especially like the legs, which give him that nice, spindly look. The colors work well; the green pops out well with the gunmetal. The only thing I’d say is that the original horns would look better here, IMO.

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That bow is great

This really looks like it could be an actual lego set, nice job.

I want five.

Oh boy.


I like his torso!

@Alex_Twenty_Two: My Own Kreation…


I really like him. He brings us more style of dark, stealth, demonic hunter. Only one thing to change - these legs. Pipes are messing whole design, and feet are… Meh. And Maybe You should put some armour pieces on arms, or just spikes. It would give him more style.
It’s solid 9+/10, very great job!

This looks amazing. I wish this had been released in stores.

What the heck how do you draw that just for fun I struggle to doodle my thighs dam you good at drawing.

I love this. Very good job.:+1: