Unexpected piece breakages

What pieces have broken on you that you never would have expected to have a breakage with? We all know about lime joints and 2008-2010 joints being notoriously brittle, but I’ve had non-joint pieces break on me (or show signs of breaking). For example, I recently noticed a crack in the torso piece for 2003 Matoran Hahli (where the axle goes through for the arms). I’ve also had one of these break on 2015 Gali (and maybe other sets).

If I think of more, I’ll add them to this post.


I have never found a Nuparu Mahri’s shield without cracks. I never owned the set, so I was surprised to see this piece commonly broken


I have three metru torsos with cracks at the bottom of the axle beam. Also I’ve had the balljoint break off of a metru red bohrok limb.


One time I snapped a CCBS joint
It was pretty old and used, though

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CCBS Protector foot, and tons of broken axle slots on Y-joint connectors :’(

When my Nuurahk’s neck socket broke I was rather surprised. That hasn’t happened with any of the other Vahki that I’m aware of. It was fairly new too (to be honest though, I did use it for a few mocs before this.

Weirdly consistent: The upper legs of 5/6 my Piraka are in varying stages of snapage. What’s weird is that it’s consistently on the upper left leg of each of them aside for Thok. I don’t MOC, so it’s not repeated usage, and Thok wasn’t the one I received most recently, so it’s not age. The best I can figure is that it’s a combination of inconsistent weather (we go from both extremes of hot and humid to cold and dry) and me grabbing/posing them consistently from the same side.


Silver 3L thin technic liftarms. They come in Axonn and Roodaka and they are incredibly frail, over 90% of them have cracks and one is totally broken.

If I had a nickel for every time a medium blue bohrok limb mysteriously broke, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice, right?

They’re actually pretty useful while broken, though I haven’t used them for anything other than table scraps (I hope I’m using that term correctly)


One time I tried to remove a blue 5/4 pin from Takadox and it literally shattered.


Broken axle off a nuva shoulder armor. Was a dark blue one too.

Also broke some blue/white rubber socket connectors. Alot of broken parts from my Krekka set…hmm…


Apparently this is a thing. I’ve seen a few reports from other fans about Macku’s and Hahli’s shoulders getting a crack.

Yeah, that one has a weird structural issue. I read about it and thought it was weird and was astonished to find that all of mine have the crack too, I’ve just never noticed it.

Personally, I’ve never had any surprisingly-broken pieces. I once broke a 2x1 plate with a clip by miscalculating slightly when attempting to clip a bar into it, but I’ve not experienced any major unexpected breakages before. I did get a box of pre-owned BIONICLE in the mail recently, and that had quite a few used and abused sockets in it. Broken lengthwise, across the top socket, everything.

That reminds me of another incident: I was trying to pull out a black pin from something and it was really tight until it just… disintegrated. Dunno if it was age or something.

I had a white metru torso, and that kinda cracked. the worst thing was my dear, beloved, photok’s mask. first that was rendered useless when he axle broke, then the very next day his limbs snapped.

Honestly, any bionicle limbs really. More specifically, the axle beam part.

I recently had a ccbs friction joint crack at the socket. That was a surprise

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It takes a lot to destroy those, they’re like rock-hard.

All metallic color parts, including all flat silver and pearl light gray parts, are prone to damage.
It’s because of the weld line of metallic color plastic.
Perhaps many people have broken their pearl light gray sockets and bohrok foot.

In fact, other colors have weld line, but it’s not as prominent as metallic colors.

I’m asking because I mentioned bohrok foot.
Do you all often break black bohrok foot?
To be exact, Tehutti’s feet.
I had two Tehutti’s. but His feet were all damaged one by one.
Interestingly, Nuhvok with parts of the same color is completely intact.


I just recently got my parts bin back from my parents house, so i’ve been rebuilding sets and sadly that has come with a good amount of broken parts…mostly joints but a good few peices of bushing too…much sad :frowning:

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I had some black bohrok feet from Rahaga Bomonga break on me. But yeah my Nuhvok is still completely fine. Maybe there was a bad batch during 04/05?