Uniter and Creature Concept MOCs

Since I have a strong feeling I’ll be doing some more Uniter/Creature Concepts, I thought I might as well make a topic for them all. Suggestions are welcome. Feel free to add your concept MOC here as well.

Kopaka and Melum:

I made Kopaka quite small (He’s only 63 pieces)
Place holder parts;
Lower legs - New star wars shell.
Grey tube - Trans blue tube.

Melum I gave a pullback motor and a working jaw. He looks full on the front, but on the side you can see he is quite hollow. (If only I had no part limitations!)

Luckily Kopaka covers it up.

You extend the wheel on his stomach to lean him forward and allow him and Kopaka to charge!

Video: (Click it)

Anyway this MOC was a lot of fun and there is still more to come!


I like melum’s function, however it kinda makes him gappy.
I’d expect kopaka to be a little more buff. Still good.
Very nice proof of concept! 8.5/10!


Since Kopaka is basically a re-armored mod, I’m just going to do Melum. :wink:

Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is consistent
  • Head is pretty Neato Burrito
  • Wheels look Meh
  • Bit Gappy (Fixed with Kopaka)

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 8/10.

Great Job! :smiley:


10/ 10 I would definitely buy this if I ever saw it in a store.

Is Melum just Malum but with an e instead? Or is that just a coincidence?


I would be happy if this was the actual concept.


These are cool. But the sound when they hit the camera…



Kopaka: wheeeeeeeee


I like it. I really like it.

Particularly how its has that retractable trike to support it.


Melum is perfect. He’s an awesome mix of technology and nature, what bionicle has always been, and he looks a lot like the rahi of '01.

but he’s even better when kopaka is riding him. I love that his front claws lift up to drive. And he has a perfect motorcycle shape as well. Perfect for a bionicle joust,

Melums head is a little awkward but I understand you aren’t a designer that can just order up a new piece. You did a great job with that in mind.
Even if the actual set is nothing like this this is a fantastic moc.


I do like the concept, but the execution isn’t my favorite.

I don’t think charging function is that suitable for a wolf (if we go by assumption that he is)

I’d rather mimic the jaw function of Mua-ka and Kane-ra.

rip camera charged to death :stuck_out_tongue:
the gold on kopaka is better distributed

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Thanks for all the replies!

Can you please elaborate how I can make it better?

It couldn’t handle the POWAH

The function was mostly chosen because I saw a lot of fans express that Kopaka sould be a lot more knight-like. So I gave him a lance and thought it’d be cool to have him joust.

Also I imagined Melum to be a saber tooth tiger/wolf thing.


Now that is awesome

reminds me of a Time traveler that calls itself muaka

i made an KETAR design concept in LDD

but i’ve no idea how to give him a good function that does not make him clunky

it says a unity but what if the Wolf is actually the bad guy.

and after he is defeated they unify?


The general assumption as you said is that the creatures start as hostile, toa have some sort of item that “unifies” and tame the creature with it.

i think they unify after battle instead of them being odd hippies

Rather meant some type of collar that they insert on the creature.
Edit: Here’s my version. I know about the whole fake leak thing but that head suits it so well.


Nice. Does it have a function?

Edit: Was talking to GK, sorry bout the confusion

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my KETAR concept?


i wish i could make one where either the claws snap or the tail moves

Not really besides the fact that it can close and open it’s mouth and can snap it if rubberband was attached.

There are balljoints on the middle so it has vertical torso articulation. I do hope the actual thing has some more interesting gimmick. t’s hard to make functions for figures of this size

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