Unnamed Mecha Robot

So Usually my system MOCs are Transformers, and this sorta is but I mainly took inspiration from Japanese Mecha designs like Gundam.

Lets start in the spaceships modes.

The mech is two spaceships, a shuttle and a gunship.

The gunships has three top mounted turrets.

And two thrusters on the back.

The shuttle is much chunkier.

And has 4 Thrusters.

Then the two ships transform/combine, two form a robot:

I got the hand design from IXRolloutIX, and the shoulder joints are also inspired by one of his designs.

From behind.

So this was a bit of a weird thing to build, but what do you guys think?


Not bad. There’s a certain quality to the gunship that makes it more visually appealing than the shuttle, but the shuttle has a decent design. Combined they make for an excellent looking robot. Good job on the whole.


I like the robot forms more than the vehicle forms.

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###W (Double) Gattai!


(Stellar Doubles Gunsaver)

there, name created.

anyways, it’s nice to see someone else dabbling in transforming Super Robots.

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i like the build, the only problem being a lack of a colour scheme, but thats mainly because its a combiner. good job!!

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i’d say it has a cohesive color scheme of grey, blue, and red.

the fact that it combines like a super robot doesn’t affect this.

though i will say, @StudentScissors

if you’re wanting to go full on super robot,

add more yellow and blue.

like, blue and yellow to the shoulders, yellow chest decoration, yellow crest, and more blue in the shins

then again, i’m just a rambling Super Robot nut, so =P