(UNOFFICIAL) Discount TTV Merchandise!

DISCLAIMER: This is, in no way, affiliated with the TTV Podcast

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Discount TTV store! Take your pick of items from the list below and place your orders with the reply button!

Best Sellers

  • Kim Jong Eljay “Don’t Eat the Pieces” - $19.99
  • Varderan “MARDI-GRAS!” - $19.99
  • Tahu “I can feel the POWER” - $14.99
  • “Wrenches are people too” - $14.99
  • Kahi “Checkmate Atheists” - $14.99
  • “T-■■■■■ copyrighted by Varderan” - $14.99
  • “T-■■■■■ copyrighted by Venom” - $9.99
    DVD - TTV’s 10,000 subscriber special - $19.99
    DVD - TTV’s 10,000 subscriber special (2-Disc special edition) - $29.99
    ----------- Bonus features include music videos, still-shots of Eljay without his mask and some of Viper’s hair for the crazy super-freaks
    Action Figures:
  • Talking Kahi (says “Objection” and other phrases) - $9.99
  • Mess-up Mesonak (walks backwards, says MNOG with Meso references) - $9.99
  • Omega Venom (includes shopping cart and mini Tahu LEGO set) - $9.99
  • Laughing Viper (listens to your dumb jokes and laughs hysterically) - $9.99
  • Scientist Viper (wearing labcoat, explains the science of superman’s punch with an “American” accent) - $9.99
  • Screaming Eljay (with pop-off Miru, light up face and screaming function) - $14.99
  • TakumaNuva and Exxtrooper double pack- $19.99
  • Autopsy Varderan (includes surgeon clothes, hacksaw, autopsy table, full-size Tahu figure and says “Welcome to BIONICLE Autopsy” and “Mardi Gras”) - $19.99
  • Kahi vs. Venom: Rock 'em Sock 'em Lawyers (fight over legal stuff with the Rock 'em Sock 'em lawyers. Also includes Mega Blocks Halo figure referee) - $29.99
  • TTV Base playset (see reply 36 for description, each figure sold separately, TakumaNuva and Exxtrooper included) - $79.99
    Punching bag: Eljay - $14.99
    Punching bag: Homeless person (be just like Kahi!) - $14.99
    Plush toys:
  • Mesonak (bone filled) - $9.99
  • Mesonak (cotton filled) - $4.99
  • Nyran (mmm… Lemon Scented!) - 99c

Other items

  • MNOG with Meso: The Complete Series - $19.99
  • On eBay today: The Complete Series - $19.99
  • BIOCRAFT: Chronicles: The Complete Series - SOLD OUT
    Book: “What is a Banana?” (Written by Eljay. A collection of his crazy theories. 400 pages, most of which are AppLEGO. Also comes with exclusive banana-worshiping Eljay figure) - $19.99
  • Kim Jong Eljay “Don’t Eat the Pieces” - $19.99
  • Varderan “MARDI-GRAS!” - $19.99
  • Tahu “I can feel the POWER” - $14.99
  • “Wrenches are people too” - $14.99
  • Kahi “Checkmate Atheists” - $14.99
  • “Poster copyrighted by Varderan” - $14.99
  • “Poster copyrighted by Venom” - $9.99
    Music of TTV Album - $9.99
    TakumaNuva’s RPG (preorder) - $49.99
    Assorted Mod crap - 99c each

Collectors Items
Trans-Green Miru - $4.99
Varderan’s used microphone - $99.99
Snow Tunnel (built before your eyes by Kahi and his murderous friends) - $149.99
Future Eljay’s eye - $149.99
Future Eljay’s other eye - $174.99
Eljay’s cardboard Miru - $299.99
The Kahi Experience (old friend breaks into your house and chokes you) - $999.99
Eljay’s spot on the podcast - $2999.99

Please note: we are currently out of all items.


I want all of it.

If you’re out of all items, why is only the Biocraft DVD sold out?


The BIOCRAFT DVD was sold out before the shop opened. I have the new ■■■■■■■■, but it’s sitting on a shelf in the storage room and I don’t want to put it out.

I be ordering the pics of Eljay without his mask and Viper’s hair.


To ensure customers get the best quality products they can, all hair is harvested fresh. I’ll get the scissors…


This one… is far to cheep.


How about TTV action figures

Objective Kahi: (An action figure modeled after Kahi that points out and says OBJECTION! by pressing a button on his back.

Surgeon Var: Comes equipt with a bone saw and an Eljay figure on a medical table. Says “Hello gathered friends and welcome to BIONICLE Autopsy”.

Mess-up Meso: A wind up toy, upon placing down will go the opposite direction of where its supposed to go. By pressing a button on his back he says MNOG with Meso references.

Omega Ven: Another wind up toy, this one features Ven and an empty shopping cart. Upon placing down, he will rush at intense speeds to retrieve Omega Tahu.

Screaming Eljay: Perhaps one of the more unique, upon popping off his Miru BIONICLE 2015 style, he will fall to the floor and start screaming “I SWEAR!”. Did I mention he also has a light up face upon exposure?

Laughing Viper: Another unique figure, this one is interactive, meaning that it interacts with other figures. For example, make one of the other guys do something funny and she will laugh hysterically.

All would cost about $10-$15


Similar to the OPERATION games, expept this time with Eljay as the person on the board. The player has to carefully remove items such as blue pins from him, otherwise if they hit the metallic openings the pieces are in… YOU LOSE! The currency is in the shape of Widgets. - $12.00


Oh right, so merchandise store is complete without action figures!


Oh this is great! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Where’s my Ven bodypillow?

WHAT? What about TTV Moderator and Admin stuff!

Chronicler Pen: To write all your hate messages to Chronicler. $0.99

MT Salt Shaker: For those who like to be in the salt mines, you can use this Salt-Shaker with MT’s avatar in order to remind yourself why you are there. $2.99

Lemon-Scented Nyran Knight Plushie: Now you can have a lemon-scented Nyran plushie to remind you of Nyran. He even comes with a real sword. $5.99

Indigogeek MNOG 1.5 Glitch Sheet: Using your Chronicler Pen, you can use this sheet to report MNOG 1.5 glitches to him! (Free)


I want this so much.


Wait, Indi’s a mod? …What has he done?


I dunno. He’s just a Mod, I guess. I mean, i’ve seen him deal with double posts and stuff. In fact, all we Mods really do nowadays is deal with Double Posts. :stuck_out_tongue:


And the odd topic that needs to be closed, but mostly new people double posting yes.

(and some older users like me on rare occasion ;-:wink:

Make sure it’s burnable and able to be torn in half and half again.
And comes with mini Kamen Rider Belts.

you are forgetting a mod

the WajKnight bread slicer: it will slice your bread faster than anything else. $2.03


Is the Eljays Miru the real thing? I’ll pre order it.

Yes it is, it’s taken straight from his face too!

Also, on the subject of mod things, no. Nobody cares about you :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh ok fine, I’m in a good mood. NOW SOLD OUT: ASSORTED MOD CRAP 99c EACH, 3 FOR $2


I must have it!