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Are you referring to burnt orange from Pohatu Master?

03 Huki and G2 Pohatu


Ok fair enough, burnt orange is quite a good colour.


There are eight bionicle sets that use dark orange, Huki, Hewkii '03, Pewku, Gukko bird, Pohatu Master of Stone, Pohatu Uniter of Stone, Creature of Stone, and Protector of Stone. It’s funny because even though there are only a few dark orange parts, they are all very practical. Ribbed hose, bohrok eyes, the superheroes chest, the ball socket and the 1x2 and 1x3 half liftarms all come in dark orange. Later this year, clayface in the new batcave even has the clone trooper shoulderpad in dark orange. It’s a really solid color.


I don’t have an unpopular opinion about lego

***I also still don’t know how to format

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If NinjaGo continues it’s current trajectory of quality storytelling, regardless of quality of sets and toys the theme produces, the time will soon arrive to where it outpaces BIONICLE as the number one original LEGO IP in the eyes of the fans. Kids, TFOLs, and AFOLs alike.


For system fans, yes. But for fans who like both system and constraction, not really.

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That’s saying it will objectively pass but subjectively won’t, at the end of the day it still will surpass.

In lifespan, yes. In story and lore, not.

Yes it might have more lore, but that doesn’t make it popular, having more of something doesn’t mean new fans will flock to it.

I like Bionicle’s story more, but I like Ninjago’s characters more. I don’t really know all that much about who each Toa is as a character, a symptom of my late introduction to the theme. However, I do prefer my favorite Bionicle character to my favorite Ninjago character.

how dare you

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Yes, but having more fans does not make it better.

I was never arguing that, I was arguing that the more popular theme will have more support from a business perspective.

I still just don’t really know Bionicle’s characters. I mean, I know who they are, I just don’t know their personalities or stories.

before this yet again turns into a massive debate

I think building primarily with HF armour is heavily undervalued… But the true potential of the system needs the proper scale. I’m not talking about Inika builds, I’m talking about two foot sculptures.


Okay, here we go. Deep breath.

I like the CCBS feet.


It would have been awesome if they came out with more titan-sized sets, mainly as collectables.

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I think I just found my partner:laughing:
Seriously, I never really understood what is bad about them.