Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

Why must you remind me of this

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It’s an important moment in Lego history.


Is this one of those “chima” sets I’ve heard so much about?


no - it is the year of the tiger commemoration set
this is a chima set - also one of my favs


this is a chima set

Huh, it says so right there on the box, amazing! There is a peg-legged raven man with an eye patch shooting at an eagle ship, which itself is chasing another raven man with a hook hand and a crystal. This may be one of my faves too, though I don’t understand why the eagle woman has mammaries. Birds are avians, not mammals. The eagle woman mammaries are even weirder than the realistic tiger behind imo and it’s stuff like this that keeps me from liking chima.


I love it

Kalmah is my favorite Barraki (idk if this is unpopular)


The Golden Skinned Being would’ve been better if he were only a fusion of the piraka. The team have an odd theme of fusion that reoccur whatever they’re in the story. First it’s the defusion of Vezok, second the fusion of the ignika and Vezon, third the piraka fusion, fourth Vezon and the olmak and now the golden skinned being. The team was known for constantly stabbing each other in the back and as a result had no sense of unity. Being fused into one could be a warped perspective of the virtue as the GSB would later on roam Spherus Magna in search for Vezon so they can be truly “whole”.


Well, if anything, it certainly won’t be a very popular opinion:

I doubt that the community, on its own, could keep Bionicle alive by making MOCs and other fanworks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love and admire all the great content that the various members and groups of fandom have brought to the table over the last 6-7 years.

However, my current view is that even though there are so many great fan projects and creations, they do provide some chew for the still active fans. Unfortunately, I don’t really see them engaging or interesting anyone outside the pre-existing fans.

I don’t think they generate enough interest among potential newcomers to keep Bionicle as a theme alive beyond the existing following.

I’ve written a post about this before, in a Face Book group. Although there was a person who, by his own admission, is a member of the RedStarGames Role-playing Games team. He said that there were a lot of people interested in their games who had got to know their stuff through their circle of friends.

But, considering that the largest bionicle centric groups, like this message board, or BZPower, only have a few tens of thousands of active members. (at least, the last time I read about this, they did.) It’s not very likely (IMO) that the amount of these new fans would be enough to sustain any meaningful long-term interest for bionicle.



Except that … it has? For over ten years? There’s a very important difference between keeping Bionicle alive and bringing in new fans; specifically, we don’t need the latter to accomplish the former.


Dreamer has a point in that, unless we bring in new fans, the community will only shrink over time.



Well like …

Well now it’s my turn for the unpopular opinion.

Is there a different expectation?


the Bohrok-kal are cool.

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The Bohrok should’ve been larger than the Toa

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Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but between 2010 and '15, before G2 came out, the community was essentially in free fall.
I still remember that there was a lot of heated debate about the Hero factory and the BringBackBionicle campaigns.
Not to mention the many fan projects that seemed promising at first, but ended up being abandoned or failed miserably, leaving many people depressed.
So, the activity of the fan base, in terms of quality, has been more like a rollercoaster than a steady line for the last 10+ years.

Strong Disagree here.

There is not a single brand/franchise that could survive without newcomers.
The older fans, over time, for various reasons, become inactive, and if there is no one to take their place, the subject simply fades into oblivion.


Sure. There weren’t great strides of progress for the community as a whole. Because that’s an unrealistic expectation. But the community was there - has been here - since G1 ended, creating MOCs, writing stories, and more.

I need some clarification on something: do you expect for the community to “come back” in some capacity? For there to be a resurgence of some kind, or a slew of successful community projects, like Brickonicle or something? I genuinely want to know, because I’m arguing under the assumption that you aren’t, because of how … naive everything I just said is.

It’s a freaking miracle. That we’re all still around. It’s been ten years since G1 ended, 6 since G2. And there are still so many people creating in the space. That’s … way more than could have ever been expected, way better than we should realistically have gotten. I’m not sure what else you want from the community.

We are living proof that that isn’t true.

Yes, of course the community will eventually fade to obscurity; it’s already begun. Really, it’s an inevitability, not an opinion, that it will happen. But here’s the thing: it should have already happened. A long time ago.

Bionicle, for all likely intents and statistical purposes, isn’t “coming back”. The only thing we can do is keep it alive as long as we can, and make its death as painless and creatively active as possible. That’s what we’ve been doing, since G2 at least.


Um, hello? Bionicle 5 Ghid Edition where every set is just Kopaka?



Well, the thing is, in my post yesterday, I left out an important part that might have got the point I was trying to make across better:

“I don’t think the fan base alone could keep Bionicle alive without an official G3.” (!)

It was my fault for not adding that part.
The point of my original argument was a reaction and counterargument to the now popular notion that “We don’t need a G3 because the fans will keep the theme alive.”

And to your two suggestions, I would add that, yes, to some extent I would like to see the community do more, larger scale projects (like Brickonicle…) in the future.

So I apologize for not framing it that way, but where I am, it was around midnight when I wrote my previous comment.

To this, I would like to respond with an old Hungarian proverb:
“one swallow doesn’t make a summer”
In other words, one exception does not always make a rule.

Generally speaking, my previous argument still stands.
I do not disagree that what the community has achieved in this decade or more is exemplary.
But, as you pointed out, the number of pre-existing fans is slowly but surely dwindling.
And, well, this is going to sound weird, but if I’m honest, I’d say I’d hate to see Bionicle as a brand and story get lost in obscurity. (Even if it were to happen slowly and creatively “painlessly”.)

True, the chances of another reboot or installation happening are pretty slim at the moment.
But, as naive as this may seem, I remain hopeful for one to happen in the future.

I don’t want to go into any more detail on this, as it would be too far removed from the subject of this Topic.


Well, actually the number of active fans on forums like this one is actually just in the hundreds. Here on the MB, only around 5000 people have accounts, and of those, I think only around 100 or so regularly come to the site. On other forms like BZ Power, it is even worse.

I’d say the current most active places for Bionicle fans are probably the Discord servers. The Quest for Mata Nui one especially, which has a staggering 12.000 participants. Sadly though, even the hype there, which brought back a bunch of old fans who were excited for the new fan game, is starting to die out as it seems like the guy behind the whole thing reveled it a tad too early.


I unironically like the Spice Girls Brickheadz.