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I belive that is the point. Kids love talking animals

I believe they’re doing a toy story 4.

But it’s not live action

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Still, I just remembered that

Star Wars the Last Jedi is actually a pretty good movie

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Finally, I was waiting for something like this. Things were getting a little uncivil.
By the way, I’m not singling anyone out, this is a general statement.

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I just re-watched Frozen, and I have to say again, it’s a pretty darn good movie with a good message. The only reason you might dislike it is because too much of it is used to commercialize. The movie itself is great, but it’s just a little to overrated (like most of the other Disney movies, actually…)


I didn’t care for it because I found a lot of the music obnoxious (though that was after I watched it), and I’m also tired of the whole “love is the key” moral.


Yeah that is annoying. They need to do a movie where the rough life rly does get to the princess and she has to recover


Also, Hans as a twist Villain was just dumb. There were no hints beforehand, it’s just like: “Hey, kids, this guys the Villain now!”


This is probably one of my most unpopular opinions, but:

I didn’t like Ghostbusters.

I just watched the original movie for the first time and didn’t like it. The plot doesn’t make any sense to me at all, and I didn’t get any of the jokes. This movie is a comedy that didn’t make me laugh at all. The effects are poor, even for it’s time. Really, other 80’s movies have way better effects. I watched this movie expecting to like it as much as Back to the Future, but, I was very disappointed. You can criticize me, but this movie is not my thing. The only thing I actually liked about this movie was the theme song, and that is pretty much it. I don’t hate this movie, but I don’t like it either.

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And what’s with that?

If you didn’t laugh at the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, at least on the inside, then I guess you must really hate marshmallows or something, there’re very few reasonable explanations. (That’s a joke, by the way)


The Marshmallow Man was a funny concept, but the rest of the movie already drove me away, and I didn’t laugh even when everyone is covered in Marshmallow after the explosion. I admit that the scenes were funny, but all that End of The Word ghost ritual didn’t make any sense to me… and I didn’t like this movie because of this. Also, it happened way to fast. The whole movie is not even two hours, which is kinda insufficient for such a complicated story…

Though the movie gives off a good message, personally it came off kinda boring and didn’t really have an identity imo. It has rather good animation and the humor is surprisingly good but everything else in the story kinda falls flat in it’s pacing (mainly the final reveal that is meant for young kids to be surprised at) and the plot that honestly half doesn’t know what to do with itself at times (mainly with those weird trolls, they were the cute smol people of the movie meant to sell toys). Overall I wouldn’t say it’s either bad or good. It’s just bland like potato water.

A movie being overrated shouldn’t really effect your opinion on it imo.

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I wish they had kept closer to the book for Frozen