Unpopular Opinions About Transformers

So @Toa_Vladin told me about this idea and it got me thinking, what are your unpopular Transformers opinions?

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I generally like the Unicron Trilogy, mainly from nostalgia

I don’t really care for Transformers

probably because i haven’t seen any of the movies except the first one and i don’t even remember it all that much :gregf:

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  1. Cybertron is one of my favorite TF shows.

  2. I actually liked RiD 2015.

I don’t like prime


WhAaAaAaAaAt? hOw DaRe YoU!

I agree

I like Beast Machines.

Watching them would probably just make it worse.


I think the games have a better story (War and Fall of Cybertron).

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I like JaAm


Don’t know how popular this is, but Transformers: Rescue Bots was great.


WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?

TFC Prometheus is mostly trash.

I’ve always felt like companies that makes third party toys and the people who buy them are pretentious.

That’s not an unpopular opinion. That’s a fact.

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I never liked the first movie

How is this unpopular?

I thought I put this in the PM. I was like half asleep.


This is probably kinda popular but I HATE Dylan Gould! Why couldn’t they have the decepticons as the bad guys or something? If Bay wanted to make a movie where this attractive guy steals this dudes girl in like a romcom, fine but why do it in a Transformers movie? I also always quite liked Sentinel how he used to be so maybe it’s just my dislike of Dark Of The Moon

Full-Tilt is the best character. Hands down.

I like the character designs for the movies, but I hate most of the human characters in the same movies. They’re all either trashy stereotypes or just plain stupid. If it wasn’t for the humans, I would enjoy the movies more.

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