Unpopular Opions about LEGO Video Games

There is a topic about Unpopopular opions about LEGO, and there is a topic about LEGO Video Games. But what about Unpopular opinions about LEGO Video Games? Could not find a topic about that.

Here are mine:

  • The LEGO Movie Video Game sucks. It’s too short, has a tone garbage useless characters , and the ‘Open World’, is just a bunch of small worlds combined to create this so called Open World.

  • Indiana Jones 2 is also sucks. They just could’t wait to add Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the first game, so they relised this second one with a super In-acurate story, and overall way to far from the standard LEGO videogame system. This one is one of the worst in my opinion.

-The original LEGO games are better then the Licenced games…I played Bionicle Heroes, I have played Ninjago Shadow of Ronin, and I have played LEGO Worlds and… They are way better then any Licenced game in my opinion.

These are just my unpopular opions. What are yours?

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