Update About the Downtimes

Meso's sent out some "formal" styled updates since then, but basically there's an internal service error that keeps popping up and we don't know why. We think it has to do with the database management system just not responding from time to time, but fixing it is another story. We've had a bunch of contact with our hosting provider and we'll either 1. Fix this issue soon or 2. End up hosting elsewhere. SO FAR, the problems seem to have stopped, but I have no idea if they'll come up again.

To be frank, we really wanted to keep everyone updated but also worried that it might be a DDOS attack or something of that nature, and we thought giving it attention might increase the downtimes. I don't believe that is the case now, though, so I wanted to make sure you guys were the first to know.

I wish I could give a better update than "we're working on it" but me and Var have spent several hours pouring over different solutions and nothing has solidified as fixing the problem just yet. I think I might have done away with it, finally, but I won't know until a few days if the forums don't have any downtimes.

The worst part about troubleshooting is that it can be multiple problems that we can't figure out. We know that Bionicle news has exploded, so if you're still here, thanks for sticking around. I realize that it can get super annoying when the board is going down every half hour. We appreciate all of you guys. I'll post more updates if anything new happens.


The downtimes have been a bit annoying, I just haven't complained because it's best not to complain about someone's service to you.

But I do appreciate your work towards making this site the best experience for everyone.


You guys have put ton of time and effort into this place. as tough as the downtime a may be, putting up with it shouldn't be a problem.

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It's OK Kahi. I mean, at least you guys are trying to work on it. You and Var should get a medal or something.

But anyway, let's hope it never goes down again!

(now watch in 5 minutes it will go down)

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I was wondering what was happening those times. Thank god you guys said something, thought my phone had a virus.

I agree with the others above. Thanks for not being lazy tyrannical admins and actually fixing the site! (I've been on one too many terrible forums I tell ya)

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I play this whenever there's downtime.

The madness has taken over...


I appreciate not complaining, but I've also been on the side where I'm a member and I have no clue what the admins are doing, I just know that I can't go on the boards. It's crazy annoying and it really sucks. So I identify with the problems you guys have to put up with.

That being said, so far, so good. I don't believe it's been down since then. Let's see if this continues.

I don't mind the downtimes really. It's the error I occasionally get when I try to submit a post that's irksome. Although I'm not sure if that's my iPod or the site because I have yet to encounter it on the desktop.

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I don't freak out, because I trust that you guys are working to fix the problem grinning

Nope, totally our site. That's partially what causes the "downtimes"; those moments when you can't reach the board is really us basically telling someone to hit the off and on switch on our server, because that error doesn't get fixed until we turn it off and on again.

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What's "DDOS"?

Disasterously Demororalizingly Overcomplicated Stuff :wink:

Distributed denial of service

@LelouchViBritannia & @legomaster1378
Ok, not sure if you're joking or not.
* drops subject until Kahi or someone else answers *

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Not a joke then, thank you.

Fun fact: our software is pretty cool and also has expanding articles. Meaning that you only need to paste the link to the wiki article in your post, and...

Good luck in fixing the errors, guys!