UPDATED: Soon to be on Hiatus

Hey everyone, I have an announcement. If you are following me on Twitter, you may have seen my post about my reasoning for this, but if not, I’ll explain why I’m going on hiatus. Anyway, I posted last Thursday that I was going to be in the hospital. I have a birth defect called Pectus carinatum, or in other words, my rib cage looks like this, only worse:

this is not me, this is from the Wikipedia page for Pectus carinatum, which I established I have. Trust me, I am way better looking :stuck_out_tongue:.

In addition, my rib cage is rotated, and presses down near my heart, and therefore, I have been in constant pain, sooooo I haven’t been able to make MOCs, since I can’t bend/ sit down without nearly collapsing in pain. Anyway, I learned that my diagnosis is so bad I will need to go into major surgery for it, on an unknown date. Until then, I will continue to post, but I will need a week at least to recover, so If you’re wondering why you might not see me for a week or two, now you know.

Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato.

(Oh wait, this is TTV, not 9gag. My bad.)

I know “To Be Continued” posts are not allowed, so I’ll edit this post to include the date when I get more information.


Aych, sorry to hear that.


Thanks. I was told that the recovery time shouldn’t be too long, so hopefully I should be back to MOCing and posting within no time

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Good luck to you man, I know I guy that has this. It’s not fun. Get better soon!

Thanks, Tak.

Hope you get better soon, and return to the boards in full force. :smiley:



Oh trust me, I’ll be back with a vengeance

queue evil laughter

…I’m sorry

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Well hope it all goes well and you can be back soon! Have a Huna to keep you strong during the process!


Oh boy I feel bad for you.
Get better soon, man.

thanks everyone


Get well soon!

dont let the obi-wans bite

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It took me a moment to get that. I thought that there was more to that, so I kept refreshing the page.

Thanks, though.



I wish you best luck, my good sir

You’re good.

thank you, my good sir.

wow,i hope you’ll get alot better soon enough,man.

Not to sound like a broken record, but thanks.

So I’m not the only one around here with a spine/ribcage defect. Guess that’s cool. Best of luck with the surgery!

Thanks. Do you have the same thing, too? Or does yours cave in?