Vahki Prime MOC

Hello! This is my first time posting here on the TTV message boards, and i though i would just show a moc i made some weekend. Most of the pieces where from Stormer XL, a wave 4 hero factory set. The vahki head was from the 2008 Bionicle set Bitil, and other CCBS parts were used also.

I am sad to say that i took these pictures with my computers camera, so it will probably be very poor quality. Sorry!

(And as a new poster i could only include 3 images.)


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So, the pictures were fine one moment, then they suddenly turned really skinny, but based on what I saw, looks great. I particularly liked the head. I must ask, though, what the right hand is. Looks energized. Pretty good MOC.

Aww.... No Optomis Prime- Vahki hybrid...
In all seriousness, though, it's pretty good.

@Rac With the pictures, i don't really know what happened there.
But with the arm, it's a regular arm, with the clear blue bones running along the sides, with a cord fire hose thing running through it. attached to the hand of the arm, there is a stud shooter, which instead of a gear, has a armour piece attached to it. like a shield. Im glad you like it!

Edit: I just realised that i told you what the arm is made of, but not its purpose.
It would probably act as a taser, that would disable the electronics of the target. and the stud shooter would be like a taser gun, or a regular weapon.

@darkbrick999 Heh, that would be interesting

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The lower legs could definitely use some more armour on the back, but other than that, I think this is pretty much flawless.
Cool colours
Nice build
And interesting weapon

Good job :thumbsup: and welcome to the boards :smile:

Pictures aren't too bad. Though you should try to get somme better lighting.

How big is your parts collection? Because a lot of parts of this MOC look very messy. The shapes don't flow together very well.

The weapons look pretty neat, though I feel like a "Vahki Prime" MOC should have some form of their trademark staffs.

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He's a neat build, but aside from the head he doesn't really resemble a Vahki.

Aren't you thinking of Rahkshi when you mention staffs? Vahki had sword like blades

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BS01 labels them stun staffs. Besides, they look a lot more like staffs then swords to me.

Carrying two spears at once, that sounds strange and unwieldy but I can't denounce evidence. They do a bit I suppose. Still....strange
The ice Vahki looks like he's carrying a pair of serrated pirate cutlasses, or is that just me. Admittedly though, I could see them passing as spears, just less so than others

Hm, good points. I'll try to add onto this in the future, possible swap out the left arm for some staffs or something. As for it being messy, sure! i really don't think i'm the best at MOCs, and this is my first real decent looking one. (I also just tried to use mostly the Stormer XL parts, as this wasn't really meant to be the best MOC ever)

As for parts collection, i don't really know, i would say a partially overflowing tub 60cm in length, 40cm in Width, and 15cm in depth. So not really too much.

As for Vahki Prime, certainly, it doesn't really look like a vahki, just the head. I would say that while it doesn't look like one, it would act like one, being the head of a Vahki squad, as they were law enforcement, of sorts. It is a stretch though.

@Triple Fair point. I honestly just was like, hey, it has a Vahki head, imma call it Vahki Prime.

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It's not the quantity of parts that matters, it's what they are and what you do with them. I this case, if you wanna revise this MOC, I recommend smoothing the shaping out with some armour pieces.

Thank you for your tips! As for what is in my collection, i would say a fair bit of CCBS pieces, along with a little bit less of Bionicle and Technic parts, so certainly a fair bit of armour, along with a few Rahhkshi, Vahki and Piraka parts.

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That should work. As I said, with this MOC you'd wanna cover up the gaps to make the MOC as humanoid as possible.

Update! I have changed things around with this MOC, as suggested by @legomaster1378, so i thought i would share the finished product!

Here is a general picture. Here i have updated and changed a few things. First off, the gun on the left arm has been moved up to the left shoulder.

I added a sword to the right arm, created with Vahki Staffs and a lightning sword from 2008 Lewa.

Here is a picture of the new sword. The Vahki blades rotate around the lightning sword, which are both attached to a hand. It would be used by moving forward on the target, swiping with the sword while the staffs spin around it.

And finnaly, here is a picture of the updated back. I thinned down the back, and added more armour to the legs.

Hope you like it!

Looking much better! I suggest you try to thicken up the arms a bit and reduce their length. The chest armour on the chins should probably be reversed as well. Also, if you wanna start working on the colour scheme, I suggest adding some blue to the legs. If you've got the parts, try replacing the black and gunmetal armour with white and silver.

I tried to find some Blue while reworking the legs, but sadly, none was found. :frowning:

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It's alright. Just try and make sure the colours you do have flow together. Looking forward to seeing updated pics!

Ill start working on it soon, i just got all the 2016 Bionicles shipped to me though!
Actually, on that note, i got shipped another set of them today for free :confused:.

so i might find some blue there.

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Yeah, I heard about your unique situation. Be sure to post about it in the "look what I just got topic" when the order arrives.

You planning to use the 2016 MOCs for parts?