Vakama doesn't really see the future

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Okay, so I made a new topic to point out something tangential: Vakama hardly ever sees the future, if you think about it.
Let's list the visions:
1: find the Great Disks -- he basically saw the fact that the disks could kill the Morbuzkah.
2:The Matoran are in spheres -- Teridax was already planning to do that.
3: Dangerous Rahi -- it literally said that was a vision of the past in the book.
4: Teridax's plan -- Kongu Inika could have done that... maybe.
5: There's a city full of Visorak -- already happening.
6: Lhikan dying -- okay, got no explanation for that one.
7: Matoro's death -- somebody remind me if Downfall (the only Bionicle book I don't have) says when this happened. In the comic, he doesn't mention it until after Matoro died.
8: That vision in Comic 21: Nightmare -- the only thing he foresaw was that the Visorak were going to mutate the Toa. This doesn't explain why he conveniently forgot Dume was actually good, or why Nuhrii had a living room. This one might be explained by the fact that Teridax thought at some point "If I am defeated, I will summon Roodaka and Sidorak." And the fact Vakama was right about the Toa winding up in cocoons was just dumb luck.
9: The Toa losing their Toa power -- name me one other way they could free the Matoran without Makuta's help.
10: sail through the Great Barrier -- no future here, just a fact.
11: Where Nuhrii was -- that one was happening as he saw it.
12: Mata Nui will fall asleep -- already Teridax's plan.

Also, it says somewhere that A) Vakama always had visions, and B) Edit: I was wrong about B.
Any visions I missed?


I am wondering where you got

Because I looked on several wikis and didn't find anything like that. I did find "Vakama has always been plagued by visions of the future, an ability he kept hidden from others as he viewed them as unnatural. However, the visions were instrumental in the Toa Metru's quest to save the city." on BS01, but nothing about staving them off.

And I don't think vision-seeing and future-sight are the same thing in this regard. Yes, he could have some visions of the future, but he also had ones of the past or ones that would help him in his quests. Cough vision ex machina Cough

I rechecked BS01's page on the Sacred Fire, and found this

"The Sacred Fire was a continuously burning fire that Turaga Vakama purportedly used to divine prophecies. In reality, Vakama used the fire as a cover for the visions that he continued to receive as a Turaga, though the fire did help him concentrate."
So I retract that bit and admit I was wrong. I completely misread that paragraph.


Hah! So I was right on my guess! I never knew the fire had a name, but I am glad that me and my brother where right about our idea. The fire helps him concentrate on the future!

Maybe his visions work kinda like the Mirror of Galadriel, specifically in that he can see the past and present, as well as possible futures that aren't guaranteed but are likely. This would explain a lot of the "factual" ones, like finding the Great Disks, the Matoran spheres, sailing through the Great Barrier, etc.

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The only thing Vakama ever saw in his visions was the truth. (I'm only going by the movie visions here, because I never really noticed him having visions anywhere else.)
He saw that the Great Disks could save the city. They did so twice.
He saw that Dume wasn't who he was supposed to be
He saw that Lhikan wasn't a Toa anymore
He saw the true purpose of the Matoran Spheres

The only other vision I can remember is the one with Krakua, and that was an artificial one so it doesn't count

My conclusion in what this means is that Vakama is a mask maker. And for the longest time, we have told ourselves that that means he only ever made masks from 2001-2004. We have never even considered the fact that he might have made Eldas and Calixs. And as we know from the Vahi, if a mask is powerful enough, its power leeches out of any small crack. So what if Vakama made a Kanohi Rode, and he made a tiny mistake, and that power latched onto him? But since it was only a tiny fraction of the Truth power, it became distorted, resulting in Vakama's visions