Vardas, Toa of Gravity (G1 MOC)

Video (Watch for additional pictures):

Name: Vardas
Affiliation: Toa
Gender: Male
Element: Gravity
Mask: Great Huna, Mask of Concealment
Weapon: Greatsword
Status: Missing In Action (Presumed Dead)
Bio: A confident and intelligent leader, Vardas participated in the legendary Toa/Dark Hunter war. Like many honorable heroes, he was never seen again.

Fourth Wall Commentary: I really felt like doing something with a Metru-build after I saw some of @RaggedClaws's work. This is the result. He's not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Huge thanks to @Chro for helping me with the name and element.

Alternate Weapon Ideas

Comment and citique are greatly appreciated!


very nice


I'd consider changing the mask, only because it looks a little too much like Vakama with additional black armor.
Aside from that, it's always cool seeing a Metru Build being used 10 years after it was released because of how retro it is. It still holds up(IMO) too, when used correctly like it is here.

I might also suggest changing the heart light from just a stud to one of those flat ones alot of the lego movie sets have connected with this piece.


I already said it in your other topic and I will say it again: This is one the best Metru builds I have seen so far.
I really like how you used system parts to to beef up the Metru body. The only critique I have are the light gray bushings on the shoulders, sadly black bushings are really rare.
You might try out this piece just so see how it looks:


Looks especially nice with the disk launcher.


I love that you used rahkshi heads as armor. Colour scheme is very fluently. Weapon looks amazing. Overall super nice moc with a great colour scheme. One thing that bothers me though is that the arms are so short and awkward compared to the rest of the body but still a beautiful moc!

Great moc and keep on mocing! smile

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I really like this moc, but the legs seem a wee bit disproportioned.... overall fantastic work though!

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Oh, the amazing Metru Builds. You've managed to beef up the spindly shoulders, and to that, I give you kudos. gives @legomaster1378 kudos


This is a really neat moc smile

Even though he uses a pretty basic build it looks really good

@legomaster1378 I feel like we have unlocked a whole new possibility with metru shoulder armour! You took my idea and made it better smiley

I love a good metru build and here's one now. Only thing I would say is that, although the incorporation of Lego bricks is nice, sometimes it starts looking a bit weird (especially the handle bar at the front). His weapon is nice, but I think I prefer the disk launcher idea, it just helps the colour flow more. All round, he's pretty solid build. But yeah, I think you've inspired me back to create another metru build, using the rahkshi head some more smiley


My favorite mask in the whole world is the great Huna so I'm pretty much guaranteed to like this moc. But other that that the moc looks pretty cool but his thighs look odd because they have red over black rather than black over red. But that's more of a nitpick.

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Nice, I love how you took the metru build, a quite boring build if you ask he (hate shields activate!), and you make it more detailed and less gappy.


Always nice to see the Metru build!

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Seems very squat and compact around the torso, but that actually makes sense given his element. Even then, I still think he looks a bit much like Vakama. Perhaps either a mask change or something to add on the mask.

Oh man, thanks for all the praise guys! This made my week!

I'd love to, but I don't have any decent dark red/black masks available at the moment. @Ekorak, what "add-ons" are you talking about? How can you add anything onto a Kanohi? :frowning:

10 years!? looks at calender... Dang, I feel old now.

I'd love to. The flat stud is one of my absolute favourite System pieces introduced in recent years. Unfortunately, it hasn't been released in trans neon-green yet.

Thanks! I tried those Technic liftarms. They're a bit bulky but they work very well!

Thanks man! Glad you like it. I also really like the disk launcher. Unfortunatly, I'm hesitant to use it since it makes this figure look even more like Vakama Metru. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, the Metru-build's rather unique arm articulation doesn't work all too well with those 04 launchers. That being said, I love wrist-mounted/gauntlet-style weapons and so I'll probably keep the Kanoka launcher on him for the time being.

That's the Metru-build for ya. I don't understand why some people say it's even remotely perfect. The arms are incredibly frustrating to pose. Back on topic, I tried using jumper plates, but I really didn't like the look of the anti-studs. Any suggestions?

I intentionally used the larger Piraka legs to differentiate Vardas from the Toa Metru. Any idea what other piece I could use?

I actually really like the handlebars. I made an effort to incorporate as much System greebling as I could in order to make an otherwise generic build more interesting. It's a style that I've developped over my past few months of Bio-MOCing and one I have to thank the likes of @Chro and Fenrek for. Those guys are brilliant.

I like the dark red. Also, I have very few of those dual-female sockets in colours other then black.

After being immersed in seeing/building custom torsos, limbs, feet and heads for so long, every official LEGO build seems boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it? I don't really see that. Maybe it's the bulky shoulders...


If you use the brainstalk that the Phantoka/Mistika Toa used, with the axle hole in the back to connect things around the front. I've attached things like scopes made of minifigure magnifying glasses to that same mask, the Huna. It looks pretty neat. You just need a part that goes out three units to the side and has a connection facing forward.

Actually, I should've phrased my critique better. The overall look of the pieces is nice, but since they're lego bricks, it makes the whole thing seem a bit more fragile? Still, nice moc and you inspired me back to make another Toa Metru :smiley:


Neat idea. Though I'm not sure it'd really fit with the character I'm trying to portray. He's supposed to be a melee-style fighter, so any kind of scope of optic set-up wouldn't really be useful for him IMO.

Oh yes. I'm surprised nobody has commented on the 4/5 illegal techniques I used on this guy. The handlebars fall out and get knocked out of alignment pretty frequently (for some reason the axle hole in the Metru torso doesn't have very much friction. The telescopes/pistons on the shoulders can spontaneously fly off at times too.

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Also, did you literally just stick a black gear in the back of the foot? smiley