Vargon, Toa of Earth

Hope you like it, have a nice day.


Captain Skinny McGappy over here.

Please constructive criticism.


Well… Technically it is. This figure is extremely simple, extremely skinny, pretty gappy in some places, and it looks like a tablescrap rather than a moc.


I like the silhouette it gives and the artistic choices, but it just seems too bony (chest, forearms, legs). Bulk it up and it’ll look better I’d say

I have no problem with your opinions, but I’d like if you’d say it in a better way, from which I can see how to change. Each time you say something like that I understand you’re saying “Huh, horrible MOC” And I also see you never pint out any good things about my MOCs.

It’s not, really.

^This is more akin to actual constructive criticism, while this:

…Is more of a pejorative. It belittles more than it does constructively criticize.

Constructive criticism respectfully points out flaws in a work while also suggesting improvements to said flaws. That’s the definition I’ve been taught, at least.

Back to the MOC, however; @Toa_Radrix as others have said, I find it to be a little thin/bare. Bulking up the limbs and chest, as well as giving it more unique armor pieces, might help with that.

The mask looks cool; is it custom-painted?


With this guy, I really can’t see something I like. The mask is the best thing about it, but only cause its painted.


To be constructive about it, perhaps you could fill in the torso with some ccbs pieces? The painted pieces and overall colours are good.

Yes, there are three custom painted pieces which are the Carapar torso, the sword, and the mask. Thank you.

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The photos stretch him out too much, making him look to spindly. Also, try adding bigger armor shells to the lower arms

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I’m going to say what Vladin said in a nicer way

He’s super skinny and bony, the visorak foot makes him look even skinnier, the chest and sword are also very poorly painted

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I think making the thickness of the arms and legs more consistent would help, the way ccbs is implemented makes the figure feel more spindily or bony. Covering gaps would also help with it, overall a pretty interesting character.

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