Varin, Toa of Air


Do ya got any more pics? This looks interesting.

It’s hard to make out the details, as a lot of it is in shadow. Try shooting the picture in the same direction the light is shining for a better result.


We need more picturreeesss!!!

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This is a cool moc but more pictures are needed.


Tommorow I will get some it’s pitch black right now :slight_smile:


oki doki

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I quite like this, but you need an @Nyran shot. (Back shot, for those not in the know)

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This looks pretty amazing, from what I can see. :smile:

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Someone needs to give you an award for that torso.

Really good, but the limbs don’t match with the torso’s complexity.

(also I really love the view from your house…)


Wow, those pictures make him look well at home (maybe minus the tablecloth)! :smile:

I love the torso, but as @Saxton said, the limbs don’t match. His legs could be bulkier and his arms could be bulky and a tad shorter.

But that torso is legit…

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It looks so awesome!
That said, I think it needs just a tad more green

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I’m not so great at making custom limbs if anyone’s some tips for me that would be great :grinning:

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I’d say look around online for some limb designs, maybe other MOCs on the Boards with similar proportions, and then get inspiration from those.

Also, G1 titan limbs work fairly well, as long as you can cover them up decently.

I’m not too great myself, but I keep in mind that the limbs, particularly lower limbs, are in essence just sticks with rounded shapes armoring them up, if that helps at all! :smile:

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Yea this is great I have an idea for the forearms when I get a chance today I will post it :grinning:

From what I can see, this looks pretty nice! I like the torso design.

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I want to make more complex arms and legs but I can’t find anything

I don’t know why but the legs are my favorite part.

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Right now I’m working on the arms right now but it’s really slow