Vecna (Stranger Things) inspired moc


Note: First I make a giga chad bionicle, and now I make a Vecna bionicle (kind of). It all started with the hands; which I thought looked like Vecna’s left hand in stranger things. So I was like, might as well make a Vecna bionicle. But then I started running into issues, like not having the necessary pieces to create accurate legs and an accurate head. So I made the torso and arms pretty accurately, but then started working with what I got in order to make his legs and head. I didn’t want to use a mask, so I made a custom head, which looks nothing like Vecna. There’s a weird peg, coming from the mocs mouth, that was intentional and meant to look like a tongue. Originally, I tried making a much cooler looking tongue, but I didn’t have the neccisarry pieces to make that possible. So I made an awkward looking peg instead. I also wanted to use way more red tube pieces, to give off the viney look Vecna has in the show, but I only had one and used it the best I could.

Just so people know, these are all the characters I’ve moced in the past:

  • Sauron head (Lord of the Rings)
  • Makuta Kojol (Has no canon appearance in bionicle g1)
  • Giga Chad
  • Embo (Star Wars the Clone Wars)

This will be my next character, that I’ll try to moc:


This moc looks pretty creepy looking, nice job. I really like how both reds and the trans-neon orange go together.


it looks good - i like the arms but the head could be better - mabye more humanoid

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I love this build, especially the head. The fact that you managed to squeeze a tongue in there is fantastic.

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Thank you! I was really tried to go for the creepy aesthetic with this moc.

100% agree. Overall, this moc fails at being an accurate representation of Vecna. I think the arms and torso is where the comparison with the bodies ends. I also tried to create tentacle like things coming out of the moc, in order to reflect Vecna’s paralysis state form in the upside down, but sadly I didn’t have the pieces or the room to do that. The point where I completely branched off from the source material was when I started creating the head and legs. I couldn’t help myself creating a more monstrous looking head on the moc. I am interested in maybe motifying this moc in the future to make it look more accurate to the source material.

Making this moc was probably my funnest experience making a moc ever. I really tried to keep adding with the appearance. the only part of the moc I couldn’t really do that with was the tongue. Originally, the tongue was supposed to look more detailed and organic. I was going to use the piece below.

But unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a piece which could connect the piece to the head, which is why I had to go with the peg tongue.