Vehicle Aerotrix with Pilot Gali Nuva

What if there were more vehicles in the codrex, and Gali had a quadcopter bike?

Featuring 08’ Pilot Adapted Kanohi by @specterL

The 3D model for pilot adaptive kaukau can be found HERE

Warning, the vehicle build is turbo illegal, and it might be a little too similar to the Cendox V1


Oww that is so cool.
Can we get some good images of the vehicle? I’d kind of like to make my own version in Studio.


Make three more( one for tahu onua takanuva) and an alt mask for kopaka


The mask is really cool.


really cool little build, although its a bit hard to see it with the angles in the render


Ok, just a general reply, cause I’ll be busy for the half a day without access to my computer (I can reply this thread though).

I can share better images of the vehicle, but not that soon. I’ll probably just render it with a white texture, and use the opportunity to tilt piece 61800 at the front, even if that turns it from one illegal technique to another. The reason why there’s a lot of BS hiding of the vehicle is because it’s not the focus. That would be SpecterL’s beautiful Kanohi. Yes, I spent 7 continuous hours on the vehicle, including rendering, no iterations or refinement, which is less time than I spent on modelling out SpecterL’s Kanohi (link above for both).

Regarding making more vehicles, just no. It’s seriously not a priority, not even close to being a priority. Sure it would be nice to adapt SpecterL’s vehicle adaptive kanohi (pun intended) to 3D, but that’ll be incredibly time consuming, but my answer to you is not this year. I’ld rather remake Natetronimo/Big_Phan’s take on SpecterL’s take on the Mistika Kaukau, cause that’s probably easier than asking Natetronimo for permission to use in a game (though if you’ld like to ask on my behalf, be my guest). I’ld rather be playing SystemShock remake (which I bought but haven’t started) than make the vehicles, or even do more GWP style MOCs than make the vehicle, or even do my space garai or my regular Huna (my space Huna can be found Here). My main priority now is to remake the Hau and Akaku in my own style, with proper quad topology, cause making my own fan game is a long term goal I have (just be cautious more than optimistic, cause the only art I’ve worked on are the kanohi I’ve posted on the thingiverse).

And yeah, the mask is really cool, but it’s not my design. That’ll be SpecterL’s design. I’m simply the guy who 3D modelled it out… without permission (whoops). Just hope I don’t get cease & desist-ed.

Yeah, the name is just really really bad latin (and uninspired too). I swear I came up with a better name, then forgot about it… and now just remembered it… Was also considering calling it Eutrix or Eautrix (wesa doing a bad French). Should’ve gone with Praetrix instead, which is broken latin for female praetor/ praetorian guard. Oh well, I could always save that name for a female toa hagah not part of Norik’s hagah team (since the toa hagah are basically the praetorian guards of the high ranking makuta). And yes, I know Latin/ pseudo-latin is more of a spherus magna name than MU.

Edit: Don’t forget that Takanuva was the first of the Toa Nuva to get a vehicle, aka, the Ussanui. Now I think we can all agree an upgraded Ussanui would be good. Better yet, maybe it even interfaces with Gali’s vehicle, since both of them have a psychic bond (or perhaps even something more :point_right::point_left:??? Basically Jaller’s fingers from that deleted scene in MOL, but instead it’s Av-Matoran Takua back when they were all in Karda Nui). I can remember if it was implied or explicitly states, but I’m sure the bond between Takua & Gali goes back to when the toa mata were still training under Hydraxon and the GSR hadn’t been fully completed.


The mask is very neat, although it doesn’t feel very Bionicle. Are the turbine parts on the sides resized?


I tried to get it as close to SpecterL’s sketch as possible, but it’s all approximation by eyeball. I see what you mean by resized, it does look smaller than SpecterL’s sketch… but I modelled almost everything about the kanohi from scratch. Only the axel connecting to the head is a “trace”. In other words, it’s NOT a kitbash.

I agree it’s not quite a bionicle design, but as I was modelling out the mask, I can see the influences from the original waffle eye kaukau, namely the “cheekbones”.


Aerotrix Spin

I’ld like to think of it as a mix between the Cendox V1, Skopio XV-1 from 2009 Bionicle & the Stormlasher from Exo-Force.

Apart from the illegality of the build, honestly, my biggest self criticism are

  1. Lack of a foot pedal (I recently got back into Destiny 2, and their sparrows have beautiful foot pedals)
  2. Front half needs to be thicker
  3. Back rest is too skeletal
  4. Turbine needs some mass to make it look like it’s properly connected to the rest of the build.
  5. Since the scope is asymmetrical, I could add a control panel on the other side, and lean in further into the asymmetry of the cockpit controls (the rest of the build should be symmetrical)
  6. I could make a custom shoulder piece that echo’s SpecterL’s mask design for Gali, rather than the generic Inika shoulders.

Either way, just consider your take as the definitive version. Once again, the Kanohi is in the link above, but you might want to port it to first… and do share the port with me.

In an irrelevant note, I just saw duckbrick’s fanon contest, and while I can’t make it for GSB, nor am I interested in competing… directly… I’m interested in having my masks featured in one of the MOCs. Which means cranking that soulja boy out as kanohi that people might use… and throw in a few low effort MOCs just to get more ubiquity. I do need a Naho MOC to feature my Huna after all (I am not happy with my Sarda), plus a Kaukau for both Gali Mata and that Toa Mangai of Ice.

The fanbase has already seem to gravitate to a KhingK’s mask of adaptation, or other variants, for Zaria. Everyone seems to be doing volitak for Chiara, but considering as it’s the same variant as Nidhiki, I think I might have room too convince the community to avoid same face syndrome… well it depends anyway.

Either way, my priority is a Hau & Akaku, then the other Toa Mata masks, though I might give myself a treat and do a Faxon (let’s just say I’ll be borrowing shapes from KhingK’s mask of intangibility & SpecterL’s vanilla Kaukau Nuva).

Edit: Why can I think of more kanohi faster than I can execute them? I’m already thinking of a kraahkan borrowing shapes from the deer skull/ wendigo, especially the nose cavity. And I also realised Blade Runner’s Spinners have nice shapes that can be easily translated into a kanohi.


Does the mask come in separate pieces? You may need that so people can recreate the visors transparency


Fair enough. Not sure how I can achieve the dual molded look, apart from printing in resin & painting over.

I’ll fix that ASAP, though I’m not sure how splitting the parts will truly fix it.

EDIT: Excuding the fin, the emergency fixes have been uploaded to the same thingiverse link. I’m having difficulty uploading the fins, despite them being light weight files. Looking forward to your feedback if you ever print it.


Will u make instructions


No. Because it’s not even possible to build it IRL.

Let’s just say that, as someone with formal education in design, I know how to hide nonsensical design with smoke & mirrors. Looks nice, but you don’t see the nonsense hidden within.

I’d encourage you to make your own version. If it’s perfectly legal, I’ll crown it as the definitive version.

In an update… I’m trying to model a comics style akaku… more like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAkaku… why does it look more like Kirop’s kanohi.

Progress Update 2: It now looks like a kanohi Miru…


This is an interesting approach, although personally I feel like an Akaku needs the scopes. The design is very sleek, and I’m curious to see where this goes.


The Akaku does need a scope… but…

It makes sense for me to model it without the scope first, then attach the scope as a separate mesh, maybe tweak the original mesh to interface with the scope.

Basically, the scope is a variant of the non-scoped kanohi. And honestly, without the scope, the original akaku was one of the ugliest masks. The scope really saves it and makes it iconic. (Ironically, G2’s Mask of Ice suffers the opposite problem. The mask itself is nice, but the scope is just the G1 scope from Wish).

Anyways, I got distracted and did Krakua instead…

I can’t say when I can continue, but let’s just assume I won’t be able to churn out kanohi at such a fast rate, and that’s assuming I don’t get distracted (I’m thinking of adapting my krakua build to make a toa mangai of ice… oh no… and of course, gotta make a custom kanohi to go along with it too!) (and that’s not counting my space garai or my mask of clairvoyance, which I have sketches of).


Here’s a tip from an experienced mask maker: don’t draw the masks too close to the head. They end up being very small compared to the average.


Any other advice or criticism? Esp. for this mask.

Could you elaborate on your comment? I’m not sure I understand.

Do you mean the 3D model? Because for this one, it’s based on SpecterL’s art.

Or do you mean my janky sketches? It’s not very proportionate, I understand, but it’s there as a first draft to place down the shapes I intend. Plus they’re done in like 5 min without any polish.

Or are you referring to my akaku WIP?


I’m referring to the akaku sorry. It looks well sized on the head alone but compared to the rest of the body it’ll probably be a bit small. That’s why I usually design my masks with a pic of maskless Iruni by the shoulders.


Thanks for that. I’ll keep that in mind when I continue progress… although IDK when.


You gave Gali a pink vehicle? For shame.
I love the look of the pics, evokes the The Legend Reborn style.