Vehicle Contest Idea

I don’t know if one of these has been done before but I’d love to see a Bionicle vehicle contest done on the message boards. However, I wouldn’t group all vehicle Mocs together, since people might make small vehicles and others might make huge creations. The best method for this contest is splitting it into three mini contests for different vehicle sizes. Those sizes would be small, medium, and then large. I’d consider something like Rockoh around a low medium size and Axalara being a large size. You’ll technically have three winners due to the three categories. What do you guys think? I feel like I made it as fair as possible.


I think it’s a cool and original idea. Are there many vehicles in the canon story? I’ve never paid any attention to that aspect.

This wouldn’t be a canon vehicle contest per say. Just something to let people build cool vehicles. They can opt to create a vehicle from the lore or make something unique. I honestly like seeing people create new things or give old things a twist.


Yeah. That’s a great idea.
I wasn’t meaning that the contest should be only for canon vehicles. I was just saying that I had never really thought about the vehicles in the Bionicle universe.

My only concern is making sure people can actually participate in the contest. Which is why I chose three separate size tiers. A lot of people might not have parts for big vehicles. But then again we now have LEGO moccing programs so it’s easier to create stuff.


Ussanui, ussal carts, sea sled, the three karda Nui vehicles, a bunch of Bara Magna vehicles. Point is, there’s plenty of options.

And if you aren’t concerned with canon. You could give tahu a jet, or Kopaka a cool skateboard (see what I did there?)


What Bara Magna vehicles have we not seen?


I think he means there were several designs of vehicles, with some being produced on a large scale (like the thornatus)

also, about your contest:
A) great idea!
B) how can I enter? I have a moc that needs some touch-up, but other than that I am set

It’s not a actual contest. Just a suggestion for one TTV could do. I don’t know how I can suggest the contest to them honestly.

oh. I guess ask the mods if you could try to host one yourself?
as for asking the cast, I dont know. (unless one of them comments in this topic)

Well I don’t know how I’d host a contest myself. I never have before. I feel like I’d need one of the main guys to help bring a contest like this to everyone’s attention. They orchestrate the contests a lot anyway.

well, if you ask the mods IF you can do a contest, maybe as HOW at the same time?
and also, Im still clueless as to how to get the attention of the cast. maybe PM them? (I dont really like pming people personally though because I feel like Im being bothersome)

See I don’t like being bothersome either. But on the other hand, a contest like this might be a good thing to do after the controversy around the canon Helryx contest.


According to the message board rules, contests have to be hosted by a master, and have a “physical prize or equivalent” (I don’t know what this means).

You’re welcome to suggest it to the mods for one of them to host. I would be happy to host it, but I’ve nothing to provide for a prize, depending upon what falls under “or equivalent”.


oh, whoops. I forgot about that

I don’t think that just asking would be a bad idea. I think they would be glad to help.

I didn’t realize we had to provide some kind of prize. I just thought it would be a fun, casual contest. But it makes sense. Who would you suggest I message this about?

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probably one of the mods
(I will edit this later with their profile names if I’m not beat to it)
Edit: ok, try Spiderus_Prime, Cocoa or BioKnight (they’re all I could find)

Okay I’ll wait for an update.