Venom 2 (SPOILERS)

Another very early movie topic, I know, but I am actually very hyped for this one.
Venom was a very good movie. I don’t care what critics are sayimg, I loved it. Naturally, a good movie is going to spawn a sequel. Well here is our sequel. And this time we have Carnage.
Oh yeah boy, levels of hype are growing. This movie is scheduled to be released on October the second, 2020 and I can’t wait for it.
Anyway, what do you guys think?


I think this would be more violent, when I hear that Carnage. Still we don’t know, we’ll see on the future

The more Symbiotes, the happier I am.

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If Vemon failed the critics, I am not sure how Carnage will perform critically…

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Carnage won’t have his own movie, as far as we know.
Also, the critics don’t really matter as long as the fans love the movie and it gets enough money.



This is gonna be great.


So… Spider-Man everybody?
There are more and more rumors about Spider-Man being in the V2 movie that it actually tricks me that the data is official.
But then I stand down and think, would it really make sense? I mean, what Spider-Man would they bring in? They can’t bring Tom Holland, cause Venom is not in the MCU. They could bring Andrew Garfield in but let’s be honest, nobody wants Garfield back as Spider-Man. They could make a new Spidey for this universe, but do we really want a fourth Spidey?
What do you guys think?


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Unless he is…

Let’s hope he isn’t.

Whether or not you like the movie, you’ve got to admit Venom is a great character.

Or you don’t, that’s entirely opinion-based.

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I already said in the main post that I totally loved the movie.

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If this movie failed the critics, I can see the next one failing even more critically.

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I can’t see the logic. And I also told you why the critics don’t really matter.

No matter what, people are going to watch it. Everyone loves Venom, everyone loved Venom (besides a much less vocal crowd), and everyone loves Carnage, and so everyone should love Venom 2.

I have high hopes for this movie, but I’m an optimist at heart.

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I need to watch Venom 1 still, but I’m just as excited for Venom 2.

I really hope venom 2 is R, especially with Carnage


I would never be allowed to watch it


I’m feeling like that too, I see a lot of people liked it, but a lot did not, so it’s hard to decide…

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No please no…