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MASK SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED! May return soon! - 11/20/2020

Hello and welcome!

Have you ever wanted a certain BIONICLE mask in a different color that LEGO never made it in? Like, Kopaka’s mask in dark blue, or something? Well, this is the perfect place for you!

I mentioned on the podcast some time ago that I had been working on custom paintjobs for BIONICLE masks. Well, after a while of learning the ropes and treating myself to some awesome recolors, I’ve decided to treat some to you guys! Here’s what I can do.


Recolors are pretty simple. You want Brutaka’s beautiful golden Olmak in black? I can do that. I don’t have a paint for every single BIONICLE color, but I can still get it done through mixing.


Sometimes I also make up my own custom design just for kicks, like this Shelek with a Carnage-inspired design. Whenever I do, I will update this post with them so you can see what I already have to offer.

What I Can or Cannot Paint

I can pretty much paint any mask ever released for BIONICLE, including glatorian helmets and G2 Masks. I can also paint helmets from Hero Factory if you ask.


Here is a comprehensive list of masks I have readily available to be painted. Every two weeks, I will be making bricklink orders to restock at least a few parts, so check back every now and then to see if your mask is available. Feel free to ask about unavailable masks in the topic, I can look into adding more to my stock based on demand.


  • Hau Available!
  • Pakari Available!
  • Miru Unavailable..
  • Kakama Available!
  • Akaku Available!
  • Kaukau Available!
  • Noble Huna Available!
  • Noble Rau Available!
  • Noble Ruru Available!
  • Noble Mahiki Available!
  • Noble Komau Available!
  • Noble Matatu Available!


  • Hau Nuva Available!
  • Pakari Nuva Available!
  • Miru Nuva Available!
  • Kakama Nuva Available!
  • Akaku Nuva Available!
  • Kaukau Nuva Available!
  • Avohkii Available!
  • Kraahkan Unavailable..
  • Rahkshi Head Available!


  • Great Huna Available!
  • Great Rau Available!
  • Great Ruru Available!
  • Great Mahiki Available!
  • Great Komau Available!
  • Great Matatu Available!
  • Pehkui/Kiril Available!
  • Vahki Head Available!


  • Kualsi Available!
  • Huna Hordika Available!
  • Rau Hordika Unavailable..
  • Ruru Hordika Unavailable..
  • Mahiki Hordika Unavailable..
  • Komau Hordika Unavailable..
  • Matatu Hordika Unavailable..


  •  Iden Available!
  •  Calix Available!
  •  Suletu Available!
  •  Elda _`Unavailable..`_
  •  Sanok _`Unavailable..`_
  •  Kadin Available!
  •  Rode Available!
  •  Olmak _`Unavailable..`_


  • Arthtron Available!
  • Faxon Available!
  • Zatth Available!
  • Garai Available!
  • Volitak Available!
  • Tryna Available!
  • Hydraxon’s Face Available!
  • Pridak’s Head Available!
  • Takadox’s Head Available!
  • Kalmah’s Head Available!
  • Ehlek’s Head Available!
  • Mantax’s Head Available!
  • Carapar’s Head Available!
  • Maxilos’s Face Unavailable..


  • Ignika Unavailable..
  • Great Jutlin Unavailable..
  • Noble Jutlin Available!
  • Jetrax Jutlin Available!
  • Great Avsa Available!
  • Noble Avsa Available!
  • Great Shelek Available!
  • Noble Shelek Available!
  • Felnas Available!
  • Mohtrek Available!
  • Crast Available!
  • New Akaku Available!
  • Noble Akaku Available!
  • New Miru Available!
  • Noble Miru Available!
  • New Kakama Unavailable..
  • Noble Kakama Unavailable..
  • New Hau Available!
  • New Kaukau Available!
  • New Pakari Available!
  • New Avohkii Available!
  • Vultraz Mask Available!


  • Malum’s Helmet Available!
  • Raanu’s Helmet Unavailable..
  • Gresh’s Helmet Available!
  • Tarduk’s Helmet Available!
  • Strakk’s Helmet Available!
  • Metus’s Helmet Available!
  • Vorox’s Helmet Available!
  • Zesk’s Helmet Available!
  • Kiina’s Helmet Unavailable..
  • Berix/Ackar’s Helmet Available!
  • Skrall’s Helmet Available!
  • Atakus’s Helmet Available!
  • Stronius’s Helmet Available!
  • Ignika Helmet Available!
  • Basically anything else from 2009 is unavailable…


  • Star Hau Available!


  • Mask of Fire Available!
  • Mask of Water Available!
  • Mask of Jungle Unavailable..
  • Mask of Ice Unavailable..
  • Mask of Earth Available!
  • Mask of Stone Unavailable..
  • Protector Mask Unavailable..
  • Skull Spider Mask Available!
  • Kulta Mask Available!
  • Scorpio/Basher Mask Available!


  • New Mask of Fire Unavailable..!
  • New Mask of Water Unavailable..!
  • New Mask of Jungle Unavailable..!
  • New Mask of Ice Unavailable..!
  • New Mask of Earth Unavailable..!
  • New Mask of Stone Unavailable..!
  • Mask of Creation Unavailable..
  • Mask of Control Unavailable..
  • Mutated Mask of Control Available!
  • Umarak’s Mask Available!

I can also paint armor, and a few other types of pieces depending on what they are.

Here’s a list of other parts I have readily available to paint:

  • Nuva Chest Available!
  • Nuva Shoulders Available!
  • Metru Shoulders Available!
  • Metru Feet Unavailable..
  • Inika Feet Unavailable..

I will be offering sets of nuva armor for a discounted price. Recolors will cost $12 for the set, and full designs will cost $16.50.

IF you have any specific parts in mind, feel free to let me know and I can consider it. I’ll be making bricklink orders every two weeks for a stock refresh, but if I am unable to include your specific parts in my orders, I won’t be able to paint them for you.

But I cannot paint:

  • Incredibly rare parts/masks, rarity may vary so feel free to ask anyway, but don’t set high expectations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This here is a Miru that I’ve painted in a special dark blue that I mixed together to match the official color.

I can paint in just about any color, and I’ll do my best to match the color of official BIONICLE parts. You are welcome to ask about other colors not found in BIONICLE, like I dunno, gunship gray or something. Right now, here are some colors from BIONICLE that are NOT available.

  • Dark Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Classic Purple (Onepu, Nui Jaga)
  • Lime Green

Don’t worry, these won’t be unavailable forever, I just haven’t exactly found them yet. I’ll be looking for these colors in the meantime.

Pricing and Payment

You didn’t think I was gonna do this all for free, did you? :joy:
So here’s how it’ll all work:

First of all, these are my prices PER MASK/PART.

$5.00 - Base Price

  • My paints aren’t exactly cheap, and replacing masks can also get costly.
  • $2 discount per mask/part if you send me your own parts to paint, this discount applies to the total.
  • You may request parts/masks that I do not have available, but I may have to charge extra to make the bricklink order.
  • You may also specify a small design aspect, like a scar or icon, free of charge. Silver paintjobs will cost an additional $1 per part.

$6.50 - Design/Pattern

  • Anything that takes up a whole mask.
  • +$1.50 Commission Fee: If you have a specific design in mind that I do not have presented in the shop, I consider the request to be a commission, and I would also ask that you please present it to me in a clear drawing or other example. I’ll actually go out of my way to see that it happens. However, recolors of my designs are not commissions, so feel free to inquire about that.

$3+ Shipping (First Class in United States)

  • International shipping now available! For international buyers, I would ask that you send me your address information in your request e-mail so I can accurately calculate shipping immediately.
  • Cost may vary depending on where you are located, of course. U.S. buyers have a flat rate shipping cost of $3.

Here’s some examples of paintjob prices:
A Dark Blue Miru would be $5 plus shipping. If you send me the Miru, it would cost $3 plus shipping.
A camo-patterned Hau would be $6.50 plus shipping.
A Ruru with a custom design/pattern of your specification would be $8.00 plus shipping.
Two repaints would cost $10 plus shipping, and two masks with designs would cost $13 plus shipping.

Second of all, now that you know what to expect, just copy and paste this form below and fill out the details as such.

  • What mask(s)/part(s) do you want me to paint?
  • Specify a color and/or pattern/design (Camoflauge, Robotic, Tribal, etc).
  • Glossy or flat?
  • Shipping Address

And send that info through e-mail to I will get back to you as soon as possible with a total price and down payment info.

When you do send payments through paypal, please be sure to use the “family/friends” option, otherwise Paypal will charge fees!

As soon as the paintjob(s) is done, I will then send you an e-mail with pictures of it, and proceed to ship it out with your approval.

This whole process should only take about a week or less. If somehow I am not able to get back to you about your paintjob 5 days after down payment, please contact my email again, and we can hash out details.

Don’t worry, my paints look excellent on MOCs, just take this guy’s word. :sunglasses:

“i’m sexy and i know it”

##Available Designs

These are designs that I already know how to do, and can paint if you request them.

  • Carnage Pattern
  • Camoflauge

More to come as I continue to paint for you guys and in my free time.

##Masks For Sale

These are masks that I have already painted and are ready to be shipped out. Prices may vary depending on age, effort, and quality. Even after a mask is sold, you may still request one to be painted.

Robotic Silver Mahiki w/ Oil Splatter, White Stripe - SOLD

Dark Blue Miru, Glossy - $5

Silver Bitil Mask - $5

Metru Red Great Ruru - $4

Metru Blue Suletu w/ Detailed Scales - $6


Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Inquiries? Go ahead and post below!
Thanks for looking, guys. I hope we can make some cool stuff happen.


These all look really cool!

But how long do these masks generally take to paint? (obviously the multi-colored ones take longer)


I can usually get them done within a day, provided I have the free time. The process requires a bit of waiting in between coats, but only like a few minutes to an hour at most.


So do we have to send you a mask or will you paint one that you have multiples of?


I have just about every mask released, so I probably won’t ask you to send me one unless you insist. Otherwise, I’ll have to make a quick bricklink order, and should that happen, I’ll let you know.


I might buy a dark blue kakama if i get one.

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Last Question, is this a limited offer (first few people or only for a few months) or will this be open indefinitely?

bc in two days I’m posting my Self-Moc and getting feedback on the color scheme. If I email you, I’ll be emailing you with the info within the week.

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Quite interesting.


That Pohatu with actual camo looks so rad!


Oh man. That Carnage painting for the Shelek is :ok_hand:.


Hey @Ven,
Good job on the silver masks and camo Pohatu! :+1:


The Olmak looks incredible in Black.

I might consider getting a mask painted in Metru Brown sometime down the line.


You have time, I’m planning to do this for a long while.


I am going to watch this topic, to fill the void left by existing outside of the US…


I’ve added a few pre-made custom masks for sale, including a metru red great ruru. Also, international shipping will come soon!


Ooh, these are nice. Great job, Ven!

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How durable is the paint?

And will you ever consider doing mask modifacations? (Ala Modalt masks or Vaals forge)

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The paint is actually pretty tough, it’ll take a bit to chip. I have two mocs with painted masks that have been cramped together with several other mocs in a single drawer, and so far the paint has been unaffected.

Thanks for the support and interest, guys!


So are you going to be doing mask combinations or modifacations, or just coast on repaints?

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For now, just repaints. I do plan to learn about making modifications at some point, though. :smile: