Ven's Custom Painted Mask Shop

Sweet! I’ll certainly keep an eye on this.

So any custom designs we would like, no matter how minimal…are 8 bucks?

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Meh, if it’s a small thing, like a scar, or rather anything that doesn’t necessarily take up the whole mask. I’ll make that distinction clear in the first post.


Alright, cool!

So with the camo and carnage patterns, could we chose the colors that go into that pattern, or are they fixed?

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I can probably do Carnage in different colors, but with the camo… It may depend. If you have any suggestions for alternate camo colors, I may actually look into testing it out.


How2killClebsHappiness with ven

I am excited to see all of the cool mask designs you end up maiing tho

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I added a $2 discount to purchases if you send in your own parts to be painted. This discount is effective during down payment, so in these cases, the down payment will be half off.


How worthwhile is the discount if you have to pay for even more shipping tho…


Shipping such a small thing like a BIONICLE mask shouldn’t cost too much, otherwise, well, not my problem. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not asking anyone to send me their stuff, but I’m open to making it an option and shaving the price for the person if it is insisted. But really, if you choose to spend ten bucks or whatever to send me your mask, that’s on you, I still expect something out of it, lol.


:000000 totally gonna order one


Yeah, its really cool that the option is there for anyone who is close enough to actually save that money.

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Wow the camo detailing’s great!
I might think about a black Ignika sometime down the line.


Hey Ven! How would you want to be contacted for commissions? I’d love to order a few masks for sure!

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Dang, these masks look really great! I’ll definitely hit you up if I’m ever in the market for a custom mask.

Dang, that Raanu mask looks gorgeous on this guy! Any chance we’ll be getting some more pictures of him over on your MOC topic?


Go ahead and e-mail me at with the details and your zip code so I can calculate the total cost. :smiley:

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Hey, Ven. Nice work on these :slight_smile:

Just a few things:

  • If you find unmixed paint matches for Bright Gold and Gunmetal, could you let me know their names (if you happen to remember, that is)?

  • I remember sharing this with you before but I do have a match for Lime Green listed on my Paints topic.

  • Are the Silver and Dark Red paints you use unmixed? I’m looking for a silver match myself and hope you could share what paints you used.



That camo on the kakama looks sick. Nicely done!

  1. Sure! I’ll let you know whenever I find the paints.
  2. Thanks bud, I’ll look into it.
  3. They are unmixed, and they are actually spray paints I found at home depot.

Thanks for the interest, guys! By the way, one more note I want to make…

When you do send payments through paypal, please be sure to use the “family/friends” option, otherwise Paypal will charge fees!


mfw I thought it was based on that one Goliath skin from Evolve but it’s not


Would you be willing to paint the knights kingdom masks?