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Hey guys, I thought it was time I got around to finally posting some more creations that I’ve wanted to show off for a while but never bothered taking pictures of.

And heck, with the start of a new year around the corner, I might as well continue updating this topic with future works and call this my own personal M.O.C. topic. Now you can all take apart what I build.

So to kick things off…

The TTV Crew 2.0

Click for more pictures!

For any of you that wish to do fan story content involving our characters/self-mocs, here’s some details about each one just based on what I gathered from the crew. (Most of it is just abilities and weapons) Anything else that I haven’t made notes on here are up to interpretation.

  • Exx can fly.
  • Viper can fly. She’s quick on her feet.
  • Venom has superior upper strength and a blade that can retract from his right forearm.
  • Eljay has a trusty Mangosteen blade and is basically a toa of plantlife.
  • Invictus has a big green blade thing.
  • Varderan has dual spike-pistols.
  • Mesonak can fly, and he wields a large blade. He’s a living skeleton donning black/gold armor.
  • Kahinuva is actually a matoran. He has a big blue shield that he can summon from his forearm at will. (See Steven’s shield in Steven Universe)
  • Takuma Nuva is a prototype toa that was never finished. He has dual swords.

That’s really all I have for you guys. For now at least. May update later.

Here we have an updated group shot of the TTV MOCs as they look today. You can see I’ve made a good bit of changes to each character, sans Exx, Invictus, and myself.

List of changes:

  • Takuma’s been updated a buttload- I redid his torso, doing what I could to give his torso a more pirate-like appearance. I also gave him custom arms and legs, fixed the peg leg, and I even threw in a short-barreled shotgun.
  • I fixed up Viper a little bit just so she looks a bit sleeker. I redid her arms and legs, and I changed her torso a small bit.
  • I redid Eljay’s torso completely and fixed his shoulders so his arms are no longer restricted by the pads.
  • I changed some of Kahi’s coloration to be more accurate to his actual self-MOC.
  • Finally, I redid Var’s torso build and his shoulders, making them more like his self-MOC too. I even included the shoulder cape he wanted.

So yeah, despite all these changes, you can see that they still pretty much retain that same silhouette and overall appearance they all had before. They don’t deviate too much from how they looked originally. The thing is, my goal had been already accomplished with making MOCs that are representative of the crew and based on what they wanted, so at this point, all I wanted to do was make improvements and creative changes that I saw fit. Except Takuma, who wasn’t really finalized before anyway. But I think I’m satisfied with it now enough to say it is finished. =)

Of course, they may still undergo a few other small changes in the coming months, but nothing as drastic as this, I’ll say that. =P I’m pretty satisfied with how they look now, and I’m glad I figured out how to make these changes, but I am still open to suggestions and feedback.

I’ll be putting up more pictures of the individual MOCs soon so you guys can take a better look.

TTV Member: Takuma Nuva 1.0 (outdated)

Click for full gallery!

“Finally”. Yeah I know, it took me a while to finally upload it but here he is, based on Takuma’s own description of his character. Out of three masks he liked, we both decided to give him a black Arthron. Fun fact, none of the three masks were Kraahkans. That would’ve been a last resort creative decision since so many of you guys like to affiliate him with that mask, but I really liked the idea of giving him something more unique, so this is what we settled for. I painted the thing myself.

As for his design, I kind of had this pirate-esque thing in mind. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be fitting for his character to have those types of characteristics, the twin blades and the mechanical peg leg, etc.

With updated Mesonak and Varderan.

I don’t really feel as though he’s complete yet, so he’ll be getting updates somewhere down the line.

Next up is.


This is probably my largest M.O.C. to date! It’s my own iteration of Mata-Nui based on how he was commonly believed to look in physical appearance way back in the earlier years of BIONICLE. Many fans, including myself, imagined Mata-Nui would eventually be revealed as this majestic, white/silver titan, wearing the classic 2001 Hau. I thought it would be cool to make that exact representation of Mata-Nui and pretend like 2009 never happened. =P

I gave him the classic Hau, painted silver, but I also allowed for him to wear the new 2015 iteration, and I thought it would be fitting to make use of the NYCC Clear Hau.

Click for full gallery!

Warning- the pictures are god awful. Like, really bad. I know they’re bad pictures, but at the time I was so eager to take pictures that I couldn’t find a better backdrop or fix up better lighting right away. And my digital camera kinda sucks. At some point, probably after I make changes to the M.O.C. itself, I may end up taking new, better pictures. Thanks for enduring, guys.

The Prpl Dragon (Mach 1)

Sorry for the low-res pictures, that was due to a mistake I made and did not notice until way later. I’ll be taking better pictures when I make further improvements.

That’s all for now. I’ll be updating this topic with some more things later. Thanks for viewing, I do humbly welcome and accept critique and suggestions.



I can’t say anything else but Amazin
Also that Prosthetic gives me Overwatch Hype

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looks great. painted mask looks perfect

only thing one day he’s gonna trip because his leg gets caught on a rope


That is good stuff right here. A+.

I really like the MOC overall. But this kind of irks me for some reason:
It just seems to be hanging there a bit with no real purpose.


Looks nice! The torso flows pretty well, and the limbs, while simple, do the job nicely.

My only real issues are the strange placement of the piston piece on his leg, and the swords don’t sit right with me for some reason.

All in all, I like it. Painted mask is neat, and I’m a sucker for a black and yellow color scheme. :wink:


That torso is amazing, and the paint job on the Arthron is amazingly done. The upper arms and lower legs are a bit basic, though not awful looking. The peg leg idea could be executed a lot better. Perhaps take some more inspiration from Metalbeard?

Overall, I’d give this a :lemon:/ :tangerine:



Well see, the thing is about the piston thingy… I forgot to fix that before I went off taking the pictures. I actually didn’t intend for it to hang out like that. So I went ahead to take the pictures anyway and hoped nobody would notice how awkward it looks. =P

Thanks for the feedback, guys!


Ven, you didn’t mention Takuma, you scrub. @TakumaNuva

This MOC is very good. I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme, but it’s at least consistent. Though his right leg is a bit… bare. It could use a bit more, imo.



The arms and lower legs are really detrimental to the overall look of the moc, the arms look they were thrown together in a couple seconds and slapped on just to get the moc out.

The torso is just the right level of inhuman to make it feel wrong to me, and a lot of the armor looks awkward, like the slizer feet on the super wide shoulders, and the ccbs shell on the crotch.

The textures are unruly, the body and front of the thighs feel disconnected from the rest of the moc.

Also , the colors don’t feel blocked at all, with yellow consuming the chest, bleeding into the legs and taking up the entire lower arm, doesn’t look right.

I give it 6.5.
or, to go by your rating system,
Appearance:3 between texture, coloring, and build, it isn’t awful, but it isn’t great
Build:3 torso is complex, I think, dragged down by the limbs
Concept:2 aside from the pegleg, I feel the moc doesn’t really capture the concept of “pirate-esque” you were going for.

hope I’ve been of some help.


This is pretty cool looking! I love the Peg-Leg, and the different mask is pretty cool. The updates on Var and Meso look pretty amazing too!

In regards to the Takuma Nuva MOC:

That color scheme looks awesome. Honestly, I haven’t seen Black and Yellow despite how long I have been on the message boards (or maybe I have…I don’t know).

But I am not quite sure how I feel about the peg leg looking leg. Considering that you went with a Pirate-esque theme, I can see why that leg would be like that. I don’t know, it looks a little weird to me. But then again, I am not an expert MOCist.


Oh hey, you posted a MOC. Radical. However, I feel this deserves an in-depth analysis and critique. So… novel time!

So let me begin with the area most noticeably present at first glance, the legs. I feel like the upper legs are rather nice. However, they feel like they’re too thick, and are very Technic-heavy in their construction, making them slightly blocky. It’s not a really large issue, but one I’d figure I wanted to mention anyway. Then there’s the lower portions, which are different. To be quite honest, the right leg feels ripped right out of 2007/2008/2009. I get that you wanted simplicity, but it actually complicates things. The texture from the G1 pieces clash with that of the upper leg’s smooth texture. Thus, it makes the limbs clash in a way that, while not very evident to those just glancing, is still noted and not really the prettiest. The left leg however, it fits texture-wise. I feel like the sort of complex texture from the tube really makes it come to life as a prosthetic limb. The complicated texture works here, whereas it doesn’t elsewhere. That’s my opinion though, so you’re free to feel otherwise. However, I will say, I’m not a fan of how it just juts out like that. Makes it look like some awkward hook, like he’s a pirate who skipped peg leg day and went for hook day. Again though, that’s just my opinion and how I feel on it.

Next is the arms, which are easily the weakest part of this MOC for me. This looks straight out of 2007. While the legs have some complexity and intricacy to them, the arms completely throw that out of the window. Don’t get me wrong, being simplistic is a very smart design choice depending on where and how you do it, but it doesn’t work here with how you did the rest. Also, they hang a bit too low, they go to the knee caps when they should hover somewhere in the middle of the thigh. There’s nothing really to say beyond that.

Next is the head. While I myself prefer going for the customized-face for my characters, the mask works here. The paint job is elegant and mixes with the other blacks well enough, and it also really brings out his eyes. I really, really like that. That’s all I really have to say about the head however.

Then we have the torso. This is where the whole image sort of falls apart for me to be honest. The proportions on the limbs are fine,save for the arms, but the torso feels awkward by comparison proportionally. The front armor feels like it hangs downwards too much, which ends up making it feel like he lacks a crotch. Then there’s the armor near the shoulders. The shoulders feel overly broad compared to the legs. This throws off the proportions even more by comparison to an actual humanoid with human proportions. Furthermore, the black connectors that connect those slizer feet, break up that the upper portion of the chest armor is one piece. It looks like an awkward gap by comparison. The chain also feels out of place, and just droops down to where his crotch armor begins. Then, the printing on the chest piece throws off the colors. Sure, it mixes with the light silver, but ultimately it is out of place. Might of been better to slap on a chest piece on top. The back also looks like it bulges out a lot, and unlike the front, it feels jumbled and unclean in its lines and shape. The parts use is definitely interesting, but I feel it overall detracts from the build.

Then there’s the colors as a whole. The color pallet is actually a pretty nice pallet. Simplistic, clean, but still gets the point across. However, I feel like the layering and blocking could use some drastic improvement. There’s noticeable blotches of grey that really ruin the pallet. Those should either be replaced with black, or replaced as a different piece all together. Then, you have sections like the upper legs, where there’s yellow under the black, and then ones like the torso, where black is under the yellow. The layering gets really confusing in areas like those, as it doesn’t convey what’s supposed to go under or over. Next, the blocking. The lower arms are incredibly yellow, while the lower legs are mostly black. It would of benefited from a more planned out organization of colors. Personally, I feel black feet/upper limbs would have been fine. Then, yellow lower limbs and torso armor would have completed the look. The inverse could also work, but then you wouldn’t get as much black out of it and the MOC would be brighter as a result. It’s a matter of taste which one you prefer.

Overall, the MOC is a strong build, but I just feel like it has some easy-to-fix issues. Like those mentioned with the colors and proportions. Ultimately, my opinion is just that, an opinion. Feel free to do with the MOC as you please. I just felt I would offer some critique.

If I had to rate the MOC, I would give it an 8/10. Strong build, just needs some cleaning up and organization.

If you read all of this, then thank you for hearing me out. Have a good day, Venom ^^


Time to start cropping and pasting TTV in new posters. XD

love that torso build ven. I r8 that 8/8

You underestimate us Ven :P.


We need an Invi M.O.C. now tbh to stand with the rest.

IMO looks amazing!
I like the overall look of it, although I’m not too fond of the pirate-esk theme overall, I find it quite cool.
Nice work there!

You should really do a Ven’s MOCs section on the channel

Thanks guys! Really appreciate the critique. I’m definitely going to take it into consideration whenever I get to fixing Takuma up a good bit. You guys are definitely on point in noticing some of the inconsistencies, and that’s all due to the bit of experimenting I did with the MOC. But of course, I did want atleast something to show off, especially to Takuma to confirm I was going in a proper direction. He definitely isn’t 100% complete yet. ^_^’


K. I really like the torso, yet the Evo breakout chest armor does not really work for me. and the limbs are…waayy too skinny. The thighs work, but the rest is really, really skinny. Love the mask, not sure about the swords. but yeah, good torso.