Ventum V9

Opening up 2016 with a bang. We’ve got Ventum V9. Probably the best Ventum yet. I really like how this one turned out. This version of Ventum was made because I wasn’t satisfied with how V8 turned out. I thought I could have made it better. Friends nudged me to make a V9. Thus, here we are.

This version of Ventum is a “reboot” of the original character. He’s got a completely new role, personality, and look. An example of this is that he’s an Antagonist to Kolk.




###His new Axe. Meant to pay homage to the Axe V5 carried around. It was considered his best weapon, so I brought it back.

###V5 with the old Axe the current one is based off of.

###Holding the Axe

###An angled shot with the Axe

###Preparing to swing his Axe at an enemy

###Size comparison with Kolk V3 and Lewa 2016 (Unified with Uxar)

###Staring at Kolk

#“You are beneath me, vermin.”

So yeah, that’s about it. Comments and Criticism is welcomed and appreciated.

Until next time, peace guys!



I love his colours, and he reminds so much of a vampire. The silver on the axe seems out of place though, but apart from that, best version yet!

that axe

good lord, also I love the colors, it reminds me of Cordak’s self moc

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Solid build, good colors, nothing to complain about.


Still think the axe looks like a scythe but it’s still cool nonetheless.

If I had to recommend anything, I’d say that the shoulders would be better off white or Metru red, since black’s more of an underlying highlight on the rest of the MOC.

Thanks for the comments guys! ^^

I wanted to make them white, but I sadly only have 1 white Rahkshi head, and that’s being used on Kolk’s helmet. Eventually I’ll be sure to swap them out though.

Thank you for the comment!

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Fantastic moc. This is the best version yet and it really shows how far your skills have come.

This a great MOC i don’t see much wrong with it great job. But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion( yes everybody that’s my catchphrase).

Thank you, Likus!

###Fun fact: The torso frame of V9 and V1-V5… is actually the same. I used a 4 year-old frame. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it xP

Thank you!

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Looking good, I have nothing wrong with him.

Oh my god it’s beautiful.
The dark red is yes.

##Holy Pepper Roni, this is great.

Just about everything on the MOC looks fantastic, from the Feet to the Head. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of are the grill pieces on the back of the hands, but that’s just a minor nitpick.

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The cape just makes it for me. Not sure about the feet (the CCBS piece sloping the way it does bothers me) but I can’t complain. The axe design is wizard.

It’s these kinds of MoCs that remind me that I’m I have a lot to improve on. Fantastic job.

Ventum v9, the Imperial axetrooper. Cuz the colors. No complaint it looks amazing, and the metru red is just like yes. The shoulders kind of bother me tho…

I like this one better than V8. Great work.

###Thank you for all the comments everyone! I greatly appreciate them! ^^

Yeah, that bothers me too. But I lack smooth 1x2 white tiles, so I felt like I’d rather put that on then leave the studs open. I dunno, but I’ll be sure to look into fixing it in the future.

Well, I can see why it would bother you. There’s a bit of a gap from the shell to the ankle joint, and it can look weird depending on how you see it. So I wouldn’t go writing off your opinion.

As stated in an earlier post, I do plan to fix these as soon as I can ^^

To be quite honest with you, and anyone else reading this, I hate V8 and think it’s the worst Ventum.

Thank you! I’m glad you like the new version! ^^


Colors = Great!
Build = Fantastic!
Look = Amazing!

Great job, I love it!


ur self moc is an antagonist 2 ur other self moc

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Good to see you, Ventum! Looks definitely really great. Color scheme is awesome.