Vicroen's Rahi MOCs Topic

So for those who have seen all of my creations you would probably think that I really like building Rahi MOCs. So I just made a topic to post my smaller Rahi on since I make random Rahi a lot.
So here is my first Rahi. This is called the jungle raptor it is a predator that prowls the jungles of the region of jungle on Okoto. So yah I was building random stuff and I remembered that I have never seen a CCBS velociraptor before so I tried to build one it didn't turn out quite the way I imagined it to but who cares


A Rahkshi faced first moc who's a dino


I'd give it a 7.5-5/10. Decent start

Times like these make me wish I had a Rahkshi head. Dont know what I'd use it for but.. yeah.
Your jungle raptor looks cool, I'll admit. I like the use of gunmetal here, it doesnt seem to interfere with the transparent colors. As for it's overall anatomy, I'm pretty meh about it.
I like the legs, they seem to be perfectly anatomical to a raptor, but the arms seem a tad too long. The only other thing I have an issue with is it's head, i'd recommend making something with a longer snout, something more raptor-like. Wether you indented it to look like a raptor or not, I dont know, but it seems like you did, so I just wanted to point that out.

I do like the character in him, though, as odd as that is to say. I can just imagine it acting less like a raptor and more like those giant Iguanas I see here in Puerto Rico, leaping from tree to tree, using it's long forearms to grab onto branches and capture smaller rahi hiding inside small holes.

Overall, I like it. It has it's flaws, but nothing too serious. Im not a pro rater, but 8.5/10

Good use of Trans colors.
Rahkshi head works.

@JMP thanks
@TravelerViridi I tried to make a different head but it always came out too big also it's not supposed to be o be an exact replica of a raptor
@LurkingEhlek thanks

Wow! Looks awesome! thumbsup


Not bad, I actually really like this.

@PekekoaOfJungle! You have a friend!

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Good use of the Rahkshi head, though the raptor could use some talons/claws.

On the hands cause it has kinda huge claws.

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Clearly you have never seen every single one of my MOCs. :smile:

But anyway, the proportions are a tad off, the neck should arch up like a Swan, and the inner toes should have talons.

Overall, I quite like this. It reminds me of my half-brother Gerald. 8.5/10


Okay I would like to remind you that this is not a velociraptor that was just my inspiration for this moc

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Well. Take "Velociraptor" with a grain of salt. I have no idea wether he means the ACTUAL velociraptor, or the velociraptor of common media like Jurassic Park/World. Geez those Velociraptors are so inaccurate...

Believe me, I know.

Oh, Oh, here's a fun fact!
The Jurassic Park/World "Velociraptors" arent even based on velociraptors. The "Velociraptors" from the series are actually based on Dinonychus , ever since the novel. In fact, the author of the novel and producers of the first movie had help from the guy that discovered Dinonychus! They just call them velociraptors because it sounds more menacing.

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You don't have to tell me facts about Dinosaurs, or the JP movies, I'm a tad bit of a Dino-Fanatic. smile


Tad Bit? You yelled at me when I called birds descendants of dinosaurs. :cry:

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No, I yelled at you when you called birds ANCESTORS of dinosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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But then I said descendant, and you told me they ARE Dinosaurs.

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