Viper's/Phweffie's AMA

I'mma jump on this bandwagon while it's still rolling.

So it is what it says on the tin, ask away and I will try and answer as best I can. :slight_smile:


Which member of the TTV would you want to be stuck in a closet with?


What would you consider is your most random or unique trait?

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waits for flood of questions which will be directed at Viper particularly just because she's female

Is that full version of the picture that's your avatar an accurate representation of yourself?


Between Meso or Eljay, who is the more annoying?


(also jumping on the bandwagon, question wise) What is your opinion of all the cast members?

What is your opinion of the summer sets? I do not believe we got to hear yours

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@HewkiiDaKohliiHead: I don't know, probably Takuma or Meso, maybe mange. Just someone who could just laugh about the situation we're in before and after. smile

@Oonie: That I can remember old movies I've watched line from line or just any piece of media I've seen, also being able to laugh at the smallest things, especially when I feel bad. Laugh really is a medicine for me stuck_out_tongue

@Hawkflight: Well, as accurate as I could've made a cartoon me without reference. Its got simplest features down asides from my chin which is not as pointy. smile

@Nyran: Both can be aggravating at times. Eljay when he's arguing with Kahi and both hold their ideas strongly and its an everlasting circle till someone like Var bashes their heads together, but that's not frequent enough to be annoying. When Meso evolves into the dreaded form of Pessinak, it can be very annoying too. stuck_out_tongue


What is your opinion on the current education system?

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"it's a $25 set, New York toyfair must have typed a 9 instead of a 4"
-Pessinak arguing with everyone on the podcast about Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder



wen ish hastori of boinkle comin out? =P

(Serious question, what is your opinion on system?)


How are you so awesome?

Also, does it ever get to you how obnoxious it can be trying to schedule with the others with your different timezone?


Do woodchucks chuck wood?

@Middlefingerstudios: Opinion on the cast members,

Mesonak is a super chilled out and easy to talk to. He has been around for some of the most hilarious moments where I've been on the ground with laughter. Level headed and loyal as beans which leads me onto to Eljay.

Behind that infamous masquerade of snarky, Eljay is a great guy who has a heart of gold and passion for Bionicle as well as picking out those blue pins.

I think its safe to say that Var is one of the most well versed in skills out of us all, he is a one man army. He also has one of the best laughs out of all of us.

From someone who has the most interesting yet questionable stories I've ever heard, only Kahi has the audacity to say "Kids are dumb"

Venom has the bottom of the barrel humour which always gets you when your off guard. He also has a very lively which always wants you to get more involved.

Exx is crazy, but in the best way possible, he is the best wildcard and his euphoric opinion on things is infectious.

Takuma was someone I wasn't sure about until the last couple of weeks where we've had time to talk outside the podcast, like he said on his AMA, we share similar opinions very often, meaning we find ourselves in the same ring corner in the TTV Wrestlemania.

My opinions on the sets,

I think the summer sets are fine, not as good as the Toa I can tell for definite doesn't mean their necessarily bad sets, just disappointing. The colour schemes were a bit iffy at first to me especially the skull warriors but I think there was alot of over reaction on the sets. I would like to get Skull grinder and warrior for certain, maybe the others but I'm not made of money. smile


How do I make friends?


I'll second this fellow.


Why do I want friends?

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how do you conquer the world?

On a serious note though, are there any other LEGO lines you are interested in?


If you're in the desert, and your rowboat gets a flat tire, how many pancakes does it take to shingle the doghouse?


@Oniwah: I'm assuming your from England. I don't like how harsh their getting with exams and courses and whatnot but I can understand why they have done so, more filtering must be done because the increase of population and intelligence.
As for making friends, be polite, if you are odd (like me) then its best to tone it down at first meeting. But from my experience its been a lot of trial and error. smile

@Political_Slime: That's hard to say unfortunately, this time of year is busy for all of us. I am determined to continue it during one of my holidays.
I didn't purchase system very often, when I did it was a boxes of Lego pieces. I like it, I didn't have a problem with it but honestly, I'm not expert on the matter. smile

@ColdGoldLazarus: I eat my greens. stuck_out_tongue
It gets annoying when I start missing recordings and content. Also, when I just want to chill out with the cast, I stay up till silly O' clock then usually regret it in the morning. XD

@Leoxandar_Magnus: I don't think so. That's a beaver looking thing right? smile


If you could partner yourself with any bionicle (other than Zaktan), who would it be?

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