Viridi's RAHI CCBS Mocs~


First moc I want to reveal is the Titan Bird, a "rahi" (we dont call em that in Okoto) from the island of Okoto, a feared predator that'd probably live around the regions of Stone and Jungle. Whaddaya think?

((PS. If @Venom ever want to moc spotlight this, just you wait, I've yet to reveal the big guns.))


Nice work, although me, and probably others would like to see some more angles...

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Yeah... some more pictures would help.

That sleek looking CCBS tail on the left piques my interest...

The bird on the other hand is meh.


In what regard? I know he doesnt have the best angles out there, but I focused on this guy's build mainly, trying to keep it anatomically correct n all.

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Oh, I meant more photo's from different camera angles...

Those are the "big guns".

@EvilLobsterKing Oh. I see, I see. I thought you meant the overall texture the guy would give off. I might as well give yall's more angles, but expect those to be posted tomorrow-ish.

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Anyway,i quite like this. The huge beak is cool.


Cue Shingeki no Kyojin Theme in background
Btw The beak is made of 3 Skull Villain axe heads.


Interesting concept, reminds me of an ostrich


the colors

the head isn't great, and the lower legs feet stilted, not that bad otherwise.

whatever that tail in the background belongs to seems much more impressive.

If you are to post a MOC, post every side of the MOC. Including the Back shot (or Nyran shot, depending on who you ask.) However, with what we've got, pretty much everything that's been posted above, I agree with.

Please remember to not double post! Thanks!


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Time to reply to like 3 people in one post!
Wee! This is gonna be a hassle.
@Stoax (I'm getting a Shadowgear vibe from that profile pic, its amazing), I primarily based this guy on birds like ostriches, but it's mainly based on what is known as a Terror Bird.

@Payinku I tried to go with a different color scheme, cant believe it took this long for someone to mention it's... oddness. I do feel it would look better if I changed the trans red for another trans, or god rid of trans all together. The head was a bit of a hassle for me to work on, so I can admit it isnt all that great. The lower legs I can agree on too. As I mentioned before, I worried more about the overall anatomy of this guy than the armor placement, which might explain why it looks odd in some places. As for that tail, the "big guns", I plan on unveiling him when I'm done revealing all my rahi so far, basically saving the best for last. Dont worry, I only need to show 2 more before we unveil him.

(OMG This is taking a long time.)

Okay, @TFM101 , the only reason I havent shown other shots is because I was in a squeeze for time, couldnt take any others with whatever time I had so I decided one one shot and pose that'd show as much of the MOC as possible. Once I do get back home today, I'll snap some more pics, put em here and on DA for my non-TTV Board palls to watch. (Im also currently begging my boyfriend, who doesnt know anything about Bonkles, to join us here.)


Show him a Bionicle, than show him a Bionicle Autopsy.

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UPDATE: Okay, so I'll be able to take pictures soon, about 3 hours or so. Gonna give ya'll more pictures of the Titan Bird, and pictures of the Endoderm. And if yall want it, I'll give you some Rannotitan pictures (The "Big Guns").

UPDATE AGAIN: I also want to make CCBS Mocs of the TTV cast. Thinking of names, help me out here.
We've got:
Mesonak, Master of Mookery
Eljay, Master of Recap
Exx, Master of Armed Birds
Dunno what to put in the "Master of" segment for the others. Also, we've got:
Beelzebug, The Flying Fiend
Gopher King
Pinnet, the Beast of Red and Blue Pins

EDIT AGAIN: Im back and ready to take pics! ARE YOU PEOPLE READY?
@TFM101 @Payinku @Stoax @Ghosty @EvilLobsterKing (Tagging the doods who commented on Titan Bird, in case your interested in more.)



Two things:


You should already have those pic,



AIGHT THEN. Sorry for like the 1 hour wait.
More Titan Bird Pics first.

@Ghosty @EvilLobsterKing @Payinku


Awesome, I can really appreciate this moc a lot more now, good job...

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