Vladin's Transformers Drawings (Requests open)

Note: this topic is more or less mainly to show my Transformers drawings. I put the “requests open” in the title just so that the ones who are interested may have a reason to ask.
So… A while ago I made these TF designs for some of the OCs of the ongoing Transformers rp Salvation. I am actually pretty proud of them and of the end result. This is why I said “You know what? Let’s make this thing bigger” and I created this topic. I am open to any kind of requests, OCs and cannon characters. I will also regularly update this topic with characters from both categories, but mostly my OCs and cannon characters.
But anyway, here are my drawings:

Transformers: Salvation characters

Thunderblast (yes, that one), character of @Chromeharpoon and Techwarp, character of @michaelthelightbringer (before he got banned).

Vigor, character of @meepinater.

Zepar, character of @BlackBeltGamer98.

Thrift, character of @Chromeharpoon.

Pixel, character of @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister.

Obsidian, character of @Chromeharpoon.

Riot, character of @meepinater.

Shadowrecker, character of @BlackBeltGamer98.

And this is supposed to be an original character called Facelift, owned by @Chromeharpoon, but let’s be honest: he is Animated Shockwave.
Also, I think this one might be one of my favourites so far. I just love how he came out.
In the preview of this topic it shows the drawing extremely distorted. Let’s hope it will not come out at bad.

Random Decepticons

Bludgeon, requested by @meepinater

Deathsaurus, requested by @DaimosZ.

Random Autobots



Sorry to sound rude but the bird is named Shadowraker.

Oops, sorry. I knew that I got one or two names wrong.

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These are great! I’m glad you decided to make them public.
Maybe make larger drawings, it helps to add detail and makes them look cleaner in general.

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These are nice! I especially like TFA Shockwave.

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In all seriousness, these drawings are pretty neat. Some of 'em are a bit too lanky, at least in my opinion, but it’s still pretty cool to have better visual depictions of some of Salvation’s characters.


Do you think you could attempt a Bludgeon?

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ever thought of doing a Deathsaurus?


slow clap/s

In all seriousness these are great!

One piece of advice would be to use pencils, I find pens very messy

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika Although I enjoy drawing with pencils, the end result doesn’t look as completed or as good as with pens. Plus it’s a little more nostalgic for me.

@meepinater here it is! I tried to go for the bulky samurai armour aestethic. I think I exagerated a bit. I tried to make his arms a little lankier so that he would look a little more poseable. Maybe one day I’ll remake him.

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Can I request a character?
If so, I request Soundwave
because I know I can’t request any of mine

Which one?

Here you can, but I need reference.

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In that case I request Aridocara

Aridocara looks like Dune Runner but in yellow and brown, I also imagined his head looking a bit like he has a cap
And Roadkill

Roadkill looks like Energon Downshift in black with small red markings

What about Soundwave?

A cross between animated, movie and G1 please

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Love his eyes!
He’s really creepy looking, well done.

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Is this still open? If so would you mind doing mine?

It is still open. I still have to make Deathsaurus.
I would also draw your, but you will have to wait.

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That’s fine, I’m patient.

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