Volcano Slizer

Please forgive the fact that it says “Dust” on the face, it was the only Sizer Face I was able to use.


I think there’s one obvious problem with this: half the pieces aren’t slizer ones. There’s mata feet, Hero Factory joints, a roborider head, Ninjago sword, and a mata body. The only actual slizer parts are the yellow parts from Judge Slizer and the two shoulders. By using a mata body, it also removes the gear function. The build itself could be better, it seems like one of the more generic slizer builds as opposed to things like Energy Slizer and City Slizer.


That’s the head that every slizer uses, though


I don’t really think that’s an issue.
If the MOC didn’t look/feel like a slizer there would be a problem, but I think it still does.
Slizer and early Bionicle pieces share almost the exact same aesthetic so I think it’s perfectly fine to integrate either into the other.


I mean the print.
Also, @StudentScissors, it may capture the look for you, but it doesn’t really for me. It just needs a gear function of some kind. If you want to know what I feel captures the look, take a look at Logan McOwen’s Slizers (topic linked)
Slizers MOCs: Doctor Slizer, Cheetah Slizer and Soldier Slizer


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In regard to the non-slizer pieces used, I think changing out the Mata body for Torch/Scuba/etc’s body design alone would solve the issue. Other than that, it doesn"t really seem to have a unique theme or aesthetic like most of the official sets, which doesn’t make it bad… but differentiating him somehow would greatly improve it, I feel. Nice work!


Fair point on the gears but not every moc can incorporate a gear function.