VoLT-1: The Forgotten

Just as a bit of backstory…
VoLT-1 was once a security droid, but after an attack on the monument, he was damaged significantly and was thus unable to function any longer. Roughly 150 years later, an unknown fidure found VoLT-1’s body in a cave. He took the mangled pile of parts that was once VoLT-1, and rebuilt him. The figure also reprogrammed his computer and completely replaced his lower arms, adding extremely powerful electromagnets to the design. This allowed VoLT-1 to control magnetic objects from fairly immense distances. The figure kept the original hands and reattached them, but since there was only one hand, a uranium blade was attached as a replacement for the right hand. Eventually, VoLT-1 killed the unknown figure and escaped. Even later, VoLT-1 assembled a team of five(himself, Epsilon, Frostbite, and an unknown 4th member) to take down the corrupt dictatorship of Exo Nui. VoLT-1’s current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he resides in the most remote region of Exo Nui, the area of which has barely been explored by other beings than himself.

Well, that’s all, UNTIL LATER!!!


Interesting hand design. I would recommend better lighting and a better backdrop for your photography. Keep it up!


Interesting MOC, but I’m not sure if it’s GIF worthy.

Could use some better pictures, but the quality of this MOC shines through the lack thereof when it comes to photography.

(Just so you know, that’s pretty rare)

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I’ve had this MOC together for a few years now, and I’ve finally decided to post it on the forums. VoLT-1 is ,y Self-MOC, and always has been that. Both the head and foot design do not belong to me; the head design is that of DawnofNSSD, but I do not remember who created the foot design.

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Looks pretty cool! He’s a little messy, but he’s interesting otherwise!

Not a big fan of the battle droid arm fingers, but otherwise pretty good!

Also, yes, some parts were painted. For the torso I also cut one +rod off of one of those tri-axle pieces.

@PakariNation99 Admittedly, 11 year-old me wasn’t the best at mocing back then. And when you haven’t touched a moc in 3 years, he tends to look a bit odd sometimes.

@GIF.Man.Ben Why do you say that? VoLT is most certainly GIF-worthy.

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Oh cool, another person whose Self-MoC is a robot dude.

And, I just realized that. What is it with people and their Self-MOCs always being robots? Would it kill you to make them something different for once? Also, I made this MOC about 3-4 years ago.

I’ve seen more Toa Self-MoCs than robots.

Agreed. But still, pretty much all Self-MOCs are either Toa or robots. That’s my point.

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Mine’s not, instead it’s a midpoint between an organic being, a Matoran, and a sentient Kanohi.

That’s an interesting concept.