Vuhii's Self-MOC Improvement Topic

I'm going to admit it. My Self-MOC isn't creative. It is just an Inika Build with a Rode on the head. I'd like some help revamping/improving it. So, here are the two most detailed pictures I have ever taken of it:

Tear it to shreds people! Help me out here!

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Ball pieces, Technic bits, and Glatorian and Hordika necks are your friends.

I'd recommend starting by trying to replicate shapes you like, or just useful shapes, like inika upper legs with hand pieces and technic bits, and try to fill it in with whatever armor piece you think would be cool.

Just what comes to mind right away. If you wanna use the Inika shoulder as a torso armor, maybe try to use pieces to create a smaller torso, that fits it better. There's this piece, an L technic lift arm, that I've found useful in torso creation.

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Ok, first off. The scythe would look good for a Matoran. It's way too short for a Toa, especially one using the Inika build. Speaking of the Inika build, that's not necessarily a bad thing. As it is a Toa, I would expect it to look like a Toa. And you've spiced it up well. The Hordika foot adds a nice touch, but the Inika shoulderpad as chest armor has to go. Try using one of Thok's feet instead. it has a huge surface area, and would work well. The Inika shoulder pads on his legs are innovative, but I don't think they add anything to the MOC. Try adding regular thigh armor. Now, as for the arms, I would try to get blue Metru Thighs. I think they were in the white Vahki set. The Mahri shoulder armor can also be attached to an Inika Torso's top two corners, making for very unique looking and really cool shoulder pads.


The White Vahki, like all Vahki, had grey Metru thighs/shoulders.

Also, it could be very possible that the Thok foot may give a different silhouette than he would want, or also that the fact that it's off-white may bug him, understandably.

Before we go telling him what exactly what to swap out for what, we should know what he'd like to see out of a finished product, outside just "Customness"

Like, what he wants the MOC to look like, in terms of bulkiness to thinness, or shapes, and then we tell him how to reach his desired outcome.

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I remember when I started to build MOC's. They just looked like this.^^
I think the inika shoulder-piece does not fit well as cheast armor but overall not the baddest MOC I have seen. xD

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I'd suggest buying part lots on EBay, plan our a build, find the pieces you need in the lots you bought, and if your missing any, buy them from Bricklink.


Just experiment! Sit in your room for like 3 hours and just build with smaller pieces. Just a few weeks ago I still built with the ignika build and now (even though they arent great) look at my mocs now! Use a lot of balls pieces, long plus rods, and those three long plus rod plus things.

I managed to get an arm/leg joint done. Nothing more, but it is a start.

EDIT: I'll probably end up using the grey '04 hand pieces instead of these black ones for fear of breaking them.

For the record, I was hoping that this would merit a response, Vuhii. Like, tell us whether you want him to be really bulky, really light, what sort of shapes you'd want in him, etc.

I'm not exactly sure about that yet. I'm probably leaning towards thinner, because IRL I'm super skinny.

I just finished the first major upgrade. Have a look:

I took Matoro's advice and made the main weapon bigger, and to add to that I added a little gun thing. I tried to make a Ko-Matoran-esque eyepiece to fit a Rode, and I think it turned out pretty okay. I was going for a "made from spare parts" look with it. Most other things are either just more detailing, or coloration changes.


Hmm...I think it's good that you're trying custom limbs, but as they are, they're kinda plain.

I recommend either trying to add some armor, or swapping the connectors between the two hand pieces for these, at least for the legs.

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I'll try and find some of those while I sort through my Constraction pieces this weekend.

On another note, I do wanna say that I dig the scope. I think you got the desired look done well.

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'Nother upgrade.

I couldn't get the right angle, but the feet have changed from normal Inika feet to white Metru feet. Thoughts?


Not bad, but the area on his chest next to his shoulders feel a bit bare.


I agree. I was trying to fix that, but I figured it's been long enough without an update.

Mahri shoulderpads. attach easily and look good

The only set I have with them is Lesovikk and I don't want to take him apart. frowning stuck_out_tongue

Well I don't think it need to be hugely creative and have to be 100% custom. But the color and armor looks really don't look good and don't fit with the Kanohi but I do like that you used the Rode and not something over used, also like that you give him a scythe. also I think the color of white, silver and trans-blue is better on your self MOC then black in my opinion.

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