Warehouse Firefight (Teardrop showcase)

This is older MOC of mine from a year and a half or so ago. Definitely not one of my best by a long shot, mostly because I don’t really have enough pieces to sustain a build on this scale. It was built around Teardrop Squad, the minifigure representations of characters in one of the many stories I’ve meant to write. I don’t know whether or not I’ll actually get around to writing it, but I thought the minifigs turned out … passably and I wanted to get this out there to sort of segue into some other coming SW MOCs of mine.

Also there’s a crap ton of pictures please don’t feel obligated to look through all of them.

C&C would be greatly appreciated!



Awesome! How much time did this diorama take you in total? I’d imagine it was a lot.

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Changed ctegory to lego creations -Cordax

Nice moc! I love how there’s so much going on! Really feels lively!.

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Thanks! It was a ways back and I don’t exactly remember, but I don’t think the actual building time took too long. I used a pretty generic design for the warehouse, and there weren’t many actual new techniques here for me in terms of design. I think the longest thing was building all the different crates, along with doing the best I could with the speeder explosion.


Didn’t I see one of these pictures before?

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That face-down guy isn’t having a great day


This is cool!

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