Wastelands Pohatu: An Aesthetic Revamp

Pohatu 2015 was one of my favorites from the new line but I felt he was wasted potential, I mean in the animations he's great and yet the set is so... Bland. So I thought I'd revamp him a while back and I did, the only problem was he was basically a symmetric pohatu. This made me re-revamp pohatu into this:

He's a hunched and battle worn version of pohatu with little bits of armor that are layered on him to protect his muscle inside.

He now has a more cynical expression like the animations and was heavy influenced by them. More on that later.


The front and side both have layered pieces that hopefully give that armor look I was going for.


The back carries on the look of armor and raps around the "gearbox" and reveals two twin exhaust pipes so he can stay cool while running.

Remember when I said it took inspiration from the animations? Well that's why gearbox had quotes. Since this is an aesthetic Moc I couldn't get the gearbox to fit in this scale so I took a hind from the animations and jut put one gear on the back and brought the arms up properly to the body.

The chest:

The torso is on a ball joint which allows for great posing and twisting for stop motion.

Now for some action poses and comparisons!

Flying through the wasteland like deserts of pokoto,

Reaching his golden mask and being infused with POWAH!!!

Using his powered gauntlets to smash some scorpios!

OH NO! The Scorpio is taking the mask right off of pohatu! ;-;

Pohatu beaten...

And lasty comparisons!
Size of retail Pohatu 2015 vs Revamp:

No hard feelings pohatu, you were still a great set.

Tell me what you guys think and please critic! I wonder how many people will like the powered gauntlets,extended legs, and redone Scorpio...


Im glad Pohatu didnt destroy the time and space continuum by seeing himslef


Maybe it's an alternate universe Pohatu?

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Quick review.

  • While I usually don't like revamps, I really like this one. It diverts from the original enough without going over the moon and detracting from the character.
  • Colors are distributed evenly, although layering is kind of weird in places. Like the torso.
  • Hunchback is done well.
  • Clever torso design
  • Clever use of handcuffs

Overall, I give it an 8/10. Really great MOC, great revamp, and overall just aesthetically pleasing. ok_hand 100


I like that you were able to retain some of the traits seen on the original set, such as the general aerodynamic look given with the lack of armor, the arrangement of the leg armor still looking like a pair of boots, and the teeth still emphasizing the wastelander vibe, somewhat. However I really wish you had retained some of his aysymmetry, as it really drove the whole wastelander vibe home for me, given how rugged it looked IMO.


This looks good, and seems closer to G1 Pohatu than G2's.

The teeth/spikes are asymmetric wink
and yes I did take some inspiration from g1 pohatu cause he's my favorite mata and I wanted to bring that other.

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this new aesthetic captures G2 Pohatu intended look very well! The single Hero cuff on the abdomen kinda makes his torso seem a bit small cmpared to his limbs, but it's great overall!

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Thanks for the critic! I'll see if I can fix it

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He looks great! as does Scorpio. but I am not too big of a fan of that hunch..


Very nice. I feel like he needs a cape though stuck_out_tongue

But the g1 hunch, I needed it

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I get that, but as someone who did not really like the earlier G1 sets, I do not like that in G2 Pohatu. but you might, I dunno.

Ah, I like the early g1 sets

I got to admit this is pretty great!
The aesthetic fits well with Pohatu.

Many of them are in my top ten least favorite sets.

I'm not a fan of the hunched back. Other than that, its pretty great. 8.5/10

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The MOC is really good and creative, but the stubby arms are a bit weird.

I went with shorter arms cause it looks more like actual human anatomy. Cause human arms go to about there but j get where you're coming from.

The chain belt and brawler build is cool.
The torso feels too cluttered.

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