Weapon of Choice

Let's face it, we all have some sort of weapon we think is really cool, or that we'd wanna use in a fictional setting.

Now, for this topic, I'ma refer you to this website called TVTropes.

Specifically: This Page(It opens in a new tab, worry not. 8P)

I'm looking to know a few things, just because I think it'd be interesting.

Namely What Weapon you'd use, Maybe some specifics as to why you chose that weapon and also why not Some specifications on the weapon and mayhaps the setting you'd be using it in.

My own Weapon of Choice would be under the Polearm category and specifically the Knight's Lance. It's Awesome but Impractical in some cases, yeah, but it looks awesome, and really reflects my Knightly ambitions and such.

Also because I fancy myself as a Lancer.

Also, maybe it'd be a drill at the same time.


So yeah, post your own choices/preferences as well!


Naturally, this is mine. It's technically non-lethal, but it gets New Powers as the Plot Demands, so really it can do just about anything. It's like the ultimate Swiss Army Knife.


You say that as though it's something to be proud of.


My weapon of choice? Probably a lead pipe, very easy to use.
Or maybe a Bo staff thing.

Alternatively, if I had magic powers I suppose I would use a staff.


It's been getting new powers for so long that at this point that it's not even jarring.


Ice magic

Oh geez. I'd have to go with some sort of fire axe as a start. But I would never limit myself to only one weapon of choice, being that I like to be versatile and stuff.

A rifle might be more my style, with a bayonet. Something I can use for multiple purposes and whenever I'm in a tight jam.


Weapon? All I need is a pointy hat pal. Look out, I'm coming for you.


I like many weapons. However my main ones are simple ones: Maybe a sword designed after a medieval broadsword, A or a set of battle axes of different lengths, powers and designs, SMG, Gatling gun-type weapons, and maybe Grenade launchers...OH! And a green emerald Katana with magical abilities, can parry nearly anything, cut through the thickest and moleculary indestructible object, and send waves of Demonic fire upon my enemies! Also maybe a sniper rifle. I just like to be versatile. That and I really like any weapon that can clear waves of enemies if used correctly. If you're wondering about the sword I watched to much anime and thought it would be a good idea, SMG and Gatling gun because they're rapid fire and feel nice, grenade launcher because explosions and I could clear waves of enemies, The Axes because I like to cut through things and have the ability to make a bloody mess, Sniper rifle because I could use it in reconnaissance, And the Medieval broadsword because it looks nice and it can cut things

Realises most of the others only limited themselves to one weapon

Well crud. Maybe just the katana then....

Not to burst your bubble, but katanas aren't that good... they're extremely brittle and require extreme mastery to wield...

But eh, whatever


Eh that was my main weapon...How about the medieval broadsword then?

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Eh, i'm more for futuristic shtuff. I'd probably prefer some kind of lazer sword (lightsaber, in Disneyspeak) or even some kind of gun


My weapon of choice would probably be a combat staff (NOT a magic one, which in that case is like a spear or something, idk idk) or a Gatling Gun (specifically a Cordak Blaster. You can't beat the oversized torpedo-revolver).

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A bow and two swords. A bow 'cos of my ancestors, and double sword because that's just too badass.

That sword from Bleach is pretty awesome, and the new Broadsaber from Star Wars is pretty nifty, but I have to go with the most powerful weapon in the universe,


a potato
Or maybe a keyblade
Or a potato
Im gonna go with a giant potato to smack people with


....why not a Giant, potato keyblade?

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actually I will go with that

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Bionicle style I would say I would have a highly detailed medieval cross sword
futuristic weapon II would have to say this

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I love halberds.

halberds are awesome.

oh, and a shield for protection.