Weirdest gift you ever got

What's the weirdest thing anyone has ever gotten you as a gift?


I don't think this quite fits, but I got a popsocket for christmas...

And 3-4 months later I finally figured out what I'm supposed to do with it....


Definitely can't say on the boards :wink:


I would say it, but I don't want to be banned.


I remember one of my aunts gave me a figure of Sully from Monsters Inc. However instead of his head, there was the head of some doll.

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When I was younger, I got an odd toy for my birthday (and no, it wasn't any legos) I found it creepy as it didn't resemble anything but it had a mechanical look. It had a switch that only moved something, and that was it. I was so confused on what it was and it's purpose.


Well.....I got a bunch of strange shirts from my grandmother that I wouldn't be caught dead in. I got a karaoke machine once, even though I hate that sort of thing. I haven't gotten much weird stuff.

I got a wrapped box from my mom as a Christmas present, and within it was another box, also wrapped, and so on. There were about 10-15 and when I opened the smallest I found a note that told me my present was on the tree.

It turned out to be a small envelope with money in it.

Sure I got like $60 but it was evil! I had to unwrap every box and the wrapping was taped! I mean XD! I loved it! Absolutely hilarious and I'm planning on doing it to a friend, but still! The evil!


That sounds amazingly awesome and slightly cliche. But still amazingly awesome.

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Yes, yes it was! I loved it beyond belief and took pictures (uploaded them somewhere on one of my sites) but still! The fact that she wrapped each box was evil! XD

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I did something similar to one of my friends, except instead of a note, there was a couple of mixels or CMFs.

XD! Nice! Hope they liked it!

Not directly me, but...
There once was this birthday party of my aunt. My mom's cousin (who I didn't know up to that point even existed (and wasn't her only cousin at that)) was there, too, and knowing that we'd be there, she got my sister and me some small gifts.
Only she got our age wrong.
So I got a book on science stuff that actually was pretty ok. My sister, who's only one and a half years younger than me, got some quiz magazine thing for kids in first grade, though - she was about 12 at that time.

Oh, and one of my grandpas always gives me office supplies as gifts. Ok, pencils and stuff are definitely useful, but... it's kinda hard thanking someone for a pen (that he got as an advertising gift...).


Imagine getting a winrar licence as a gift xD.

My grandma gave me a Monsters University "Pretend to Shave/Bubble Bath" kit for my birthday.

My 10th birthday.


insert every single gift given to me by relatives who barely know anything about me here


Everything I get from every gift exchange ever.

If you need specifics, then I got a supremely ugly wool sweater one year. I'm allergic to wool.


When I was a kid, my school had a secret Santa event. I ended up with a large wrapped box. I was exited when I found out that it was a mini robotics kit. Upon opening it, I found out that the pieces were made out of bits used in toy packaging, and had no instructions. After 4+ hours trying to build it, the finished product did not work. That was years ago. While visiting a local supermarket last month, I found it on clearance for $5.


I got a pop up DC comics book.

When I was about 14.

my cousins wrapped toilet paper in duct tape
so that's a thing :confused: