Weirdest gift you ever got

It wasn't so much the gift that was weird, but rather the giving of it, but someone randomly gave me a ring once. Apparently someone gave it to him, and he didn't want it, so he gave it to me instead.

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Good, then I wouldnt worry about the licence thing popping up everytime I open a winrar file. Would be a kinda useless gift, but oh boy does it save up 3 seconds of my life each time I open a win rar file (thats why I say kinda useless).

You people worry me.



I think it's the people that gave them the gifts that you should be worried about.


Something similar to this. (Photo itself is not mine or of me)
@TeslaEffect Just use 7zip instead. It has the exact same functionality.


Boxes truly are some of the most caring gifts you can get. Think of all the possibilities, @Ketros!

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Say, does TTV ever have a Secret Santa event?

That sounds like a cool idea. How would we do it though?

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Oh, it's simple.

Sign up on a topic saying you'll do it. Then one of the cast or mods rngs the participants up with each other, and when your secret gift is complete, you PM it to them and ask permission to post it on the boards.

If the cast has a collectively higher IQ than me, they might be able to fashion a device better than this, but this seems simple and easy enough.

plz dunt kil me ttv i was only jking

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It's two late, they've already seen us.

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I do not know where to begin about the wacky gifts my family has given me.

They are kooky as it gets members of a peace cult so I get tons of interesting stuff.

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Care to give some examples?

It's sort of hard without delving into religious territory so I was intentionally vague.

Im going to guess you got a bible,

A bible would be no problem.

I have no words appropriate for these boards to describe what they gave.

Socks. Many, many, socks.

A collection of presidential PEZ dispensers from the same person who gave me a Monsters University shaving kit.
She also once gave me one of those books for old people to keep their mind on track. Puzzles and such, you know?
Also a big jug of nasty cologne when I was 8.
I can't think of much else.


My sister did that to me on Christmas of 2016.

Luckily she brought out a giant Solgaleo pokemon card box.

My dad liked to give me sauces on Christmas when I was young and say that was all we were getting.
Even though it didn't work caused he did it like 10 times.

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My girlfriend got me a massive stuffed monkey for valentines day

My parents gave me a football once… I have never been nor will I ever be into football. I think my dad was trying help me fit in with the guys at school. This was back in like 2000? '99 maybe?

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