Well Little Johnny

well little johnny, when what you’re looking for becomes ultimate dedication to nilp, you will find it with ease

why are we a venom household and not a morbius household?

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Well little Johnny, we’re a Venom household because Venom “Goodman” Saul gives great legal advice such as reminding us “did you know you have rights.”

Why was the Morbius post credits scene just an ad for the Morbius DS game?

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well little johnny, because the Morbius DS game is the hit new game based off one of the movies of all time, in which you can play through four Morb-packed levels of Morbing action. It’s Morbin’ Time in Morbius for Nintendo DS.

Where have all the good times gone?

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Well little Johnny, they went to the casino, where good times roll (dice).

Why does trash belong in the dump?

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Well little Johnny, I’m not sure where you heard that one. It’s usually sitting around wearing your clothes.

Why did they all have to die?

Well little Johnny, they were all infidels who believed that Hero Factory was part of Bionicle. That was enough to cause @Ghid to scare them to death.

Why do both @Eljay and @Ghid wear masks? Are they related?

well little Johnny its because both of them don’t actually “wear” a mask, the mask is their face and they can’t remove it, when we @Eljay “not” wearing his mask, that is when he is wearing a skin mask

why do birds suddenly appear?

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well little johnny, it’s because birds aren’t rea-
muffled sounds of being beaten to death by birds

why does eljay have to be pinged so much in this topic he isn’t even looking at?


well little Johnny, it’s because not everyone is good at using the forums when they first join. they need time to learn how to be cool, and how to copy other people’s humour and post style

Why is the moon made of cheese


Well little Johnny, in the time before time, the cheese god decided to give humankind the gift of cheese. Humankind first said “mmmm, cheese” and then became unsatisfied with the gift. They devised a device to decapitate the cheese god. The device was a success, and the cheese god’s head fell into orbit - the moon.

What should I do on my off day?

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