We're all living in Amerika

Amerika ist wunderbar.

My entry for second stage of Biocup. My subtheme was holiday and somehow I got Independence day (USA).
Go to Flickr for more info (pics are clickable).


Hey everyone! If I may have your attention real quick, I just want to remind everyone of our policy regarding political discussion. Conversation and discussion about this MOC is perfectly a-okay and highly encouraged, however it’s not an excuse or allowance to discuss politics in any regard. Any such posts as such will be edited or deleted.

Thank you, and happy discussing! :grin:


This looks amazing. All the tiny little details are done amazingly. Its really great.

Mmm. Krana burger. My favorite.


Eh no? I’m living in Spain

The eagle looks really good even tho the cheeks look slightly out of place


I thought a 4th of July themed MOC wouldn’t be very good, but I was wrong. The one thing that bothers me about this MOC is that the flag is the wrong way. That’s just a nitpick though. Besides that (which isn’t that much of a problem), this MOC is great.

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Not a fan of what this seems to be promoting, but it’s all around a decent moc.


I’m pretty certain it’s intentional, kind of like the House of Cards logo :

Ramnstein intensifies
Very nice parts usage boyo


This stirs my red Amerikan blood.

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Isn’t America basically the planet?


The eagle is wearing a sash made of burgers, I’m several tiers more done than that Krana.

But seriously, the build for most of this is pretty good, especially the grill. Definitely hoping I’ll get that good with system after some intense practice.

Looks SO COOL! All the detail, that vulture, so funny in some ways!! All that writing! AMAZING

It’s an eagle.

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