WH40K RP query

If I were to make a warhammer 40k RP how would people want to play it?

Imperial: be a soldier in the imperial army, fight in a trench pray that a stray bullet doesn’t take you and attempt to survive. You would be a guardsman but you will be able to get some proper loyalist gear! (Grants access to carapace armour and later power armour)

Chaos: Submit to the ruinous powers, follow one god of chaos or undivided, fight in a warband taunting and slaying the imperial oppressors. You won’t have the imperial army backing you but you will have chaos at your side. (grants access to mutations and later possessed weapons)

Rouge trader: Explore the galaxy in a quest for wealth, working under a rouge trader and his crew, explore worlds, get money and make really dumb decisions for a laugh. You won’t have an army backing you but you will get much more freedom with equipment. (grants access to some xenos tech and other weird stuff)

  • Imperial
  • Chaos
  • Rouge trader

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If you have any questions please ask. (I will provide a rudimentary education of the setting for any newcomers)

would you be accepting to Genestealer Cults?

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I don’t know but if a sneaky mining boi can disguise himself well enough you might be able to make it as a guards man or rouge trade, the thing is I want characters working together that being said chaos and rouge traders can have the same gear as GS cults.


Oooooooh, I just might do that,

I kind of want to RP as a Death Korps of Krieg Guardsman, who is a reluctant survivor of the “Stercus Ludicrum” event, as his entire platoon (barring himself) died he feels he is immortal (which for a member of the Death Korps of Krieg is debilitating given their inherent desire to die in a bayonet charge of potentially explosive glory, in service to the big skeleton himself).

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I’m disappoitent in the lack of T’au, Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons or any other Warhammer 40k species for that matter.

Otherwise it seems fun might join if it comes to fruition either way

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That would be imperial my friend :wink:

The reason i’m not doing a xenos campaign is because

  1. The human factions are the best for newcomers
  2. Words cannot express how much I hate the eldar
  3. Nids have no sense of induviduality so it’d be hard to make characters
  4. Crons also have very little personality since i’m going off of old crons
  5. While I love T’au others may not plus T’au are kinda bureaucratic and don’t offer much character customisation
  6. Can you imagine how hard it would be to tell a serious story as ORKS?

That being said rouge traders can get some xenos gear or old tech

Also after some thought I’m going to say that you cannot have a genestealer cultist character as that’ll really screw over some plans


I’d be an ork even if it was just to go “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”


well some and I mean SOME xenos may be allowed on a rouge trader ship, I mean they frequently employ kroot

@MichaelTheLightBringer you are aware chaos means joining a chaos cult dedicated to gods of, murder, betrayal, rot and hedonism?

Lemme re read it.

yeah the forces of chaos literally include daemons (and yes that’s how it’s spelt in this setting)

If I join it will I get to play a daemon? Just wondering.

a mutant yes a daemon no they are WAY to powerful, later you may be able to invest in a daemonic weapon or daemonic possession though

Hmh…eh I’ll think about it.

I think I can
I think I can
I think I can

Anyways, I know next to nothing about warhammer except the most basic stuff, but if I could get a better understanding of the lore I think it’d be interesting

plus I could play as one of the memed heresy girl

I can educate you in the necessary lore, but if ANYONE makes a cultist chan character I will have them killed off slowly and gruesomely.

Just place your votes and I can work on the fine details

Also working on fine details for the guard

post lore questions here

A deathwatch kill team RP would also be fun.

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While it would be I don’t like spess marines much and find a story where you are weaker humans to be much more compelling

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