What 2014-2015 Lego sets would you buy with $500?

If you had (or have) $500 USD right now, what would you buy (excluding tax)? The sets must have been released in late 2014-early 2015. Also, please leave prices of sets in post.

I would buy:
Record Breaker- $19.99
Avengers Quinjet City Chase-$79.99
The Tumbler-$199.99
Anakin's Custom Starfighter-$39.99
Porsche 911 GT Finish Line- $49.99
Infearno's Interception- $29.99
Anacondrai Crusher- $19.99
Blue Racer-$4.99


500$ worth of bionicle 2015...


I'll state mine tomorrow.

I need to find my favorite sets.

Pretty much what I was gonna say. :stuck_out_tongue:

probably the collectors addition r2-d2 set, I don't know how much you can get it for now, but I really wanted to get one. The rest would be for the new Star Wars and Bionicle constraction sets.

Army build Fire and Water protectors. After I get some Kyoryuger stuff.

I would get... Um...

the rest of the DC lineup:
Grodd Goes Bananas $49.99
Black Manta $39.99
Brainiac Attack $24.99
Darksied Invasion $69.99
Some multipules of Bonkle 2015 sets

multiple skull warriors FTW


Does it have to be lego?

$500 dollars worth of 2001-3 bionicle, preferably the masks

The Brick Bounty $99.99
Soldiers Fort $29.99
Soldiers Outpost $19.99
Treasure Island $19.99
Shipwreck Defense $12.99
Superheroes Avengers Collection $252.94
Dojo Showdown $24.99
Condrai Copter Attack $29.99

I've got about $9 left stuck_out_tongue

Look at the name of the discussion. I suppose you could also do Kreo or Mega Bloks.

@Kardax, read the first post.

I would buy: the Death Star

Or, I would get,

All the ninjago 2015 winter and summer sets
all the bionicle 2015 winter and summer sets

and if there's $150 left, I would go down to the apple store and buy myself a new iPod nano. yes I know that is not lego



X1-Ninja Charger ( $39.99)
Ninja DB X ($79.99)
Ultra Agents Mission HQ ($99.99 )
UltraCopter vs AntiMatter ($79.99)
The Hulk Buster Smash ($29.99)
that comes to 329.95

probably more bionicle would be put there, and maybe a couple of ultron battlepacks

and most likely attack on avengers tower.

I've been wanting this set forever smile



Cough cough

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It's at my local lego store right now stuck_out_tongue And it's still on the lego shop online.

he stated that it has to be late 2014, or early 2015

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It's still in stores, and we're only a third of the way through 2015

If he meant only winter 2014 he should have said than what was in parentheses didn't explain that thorough enough.

Still says 2014-2015 though.