What are you doing? (Game)

So, there is a starting statement that is something odd, like eating a fly. Then someone gives a reason why they think the person is doing the odd thing and gives there own odd thing. Then the next person does it and then the next and the next. here is an example

I am swatting cows.

Are you swatting cows because they ate your burger bill? I’m spanking a monkey.

Are you spanking the monkey because… Yada yada yada, you get the idea.


The starting sentance is… I am wrapping my foot in tape!

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Are you wrapping your foot in tape because it’s leaking?

I am chewing water.

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Are you chewing water because you don’t know what solids and liquids are?

I am smashing bricks with my head.

Are you smashing bricks with your head because your head is a brick separator?

I’m climbing streetlights.

Are you climbing streetlights because you are a moth, but you don’t have any wings?

I’m inhaling 179 subway sandwitches.

Are you inhaling 179 subway sandwiches because you are a super-powerful black hole that is encompassing the entire solar system to wipe out all life in the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe?

I am destroying Amazon.

Are you destroying Amazon because all of their Classic Castle sets (and any discontinued lego for that matter) are way overpriced?

I am typing with a literal chicken wing.


Are you typing with a literal chicken wing because you hate KFC?

I’m swatting walruses out of the air the a mallet

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Are you swatting walruses because there are no mosquitoes in your area?

I’m cooking black beans and chorizo but I forgot to make rice.

Did you forget to make rice because you were to busy trying to not die?

I’m using chocolate as a repellant

Are you using chocolate because it has citronella?

I’m screaming at art.

Are you screaming at art because it’s so dang good?

I’m screaming at the map I just drew.

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Are you screaming at the map because you can’t figure out what it leads to?

I’m watering my soup plant

Are you watering your soup plant because your plant needs water to survive?

I am typing messages on the TTV Message Boards

Are you typing messages on the TTV Message Boards because you are a geeky geek geekerson? Cuz’ I’m one too.

I am melting everyone’s self mocs.

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Are you melting everyone‘s self mocs because plastic is bad for the enviroment and your are trying to get rid of it?

I am licking my dog‘s nose.

Are you licking your dog’s nose because you like giving kisses

I’m playing the blues on a harmonica

Are you playing the blues on harmonica because you don’t know that this topic is for very odd and strange things?

I’m chewing this very good gum I found on the sidewalk

You are chewing this very good gum you found on the sidewalk because you haven’t eaten anything in a month?

I am sleeping, good night.

Are you sleeping because you stay up all night binging the recap reviews?

I am using my giant red marker to give all of my enemies Fs on their stanardized tests.