What are your favorite and least favorite genres of music?

I love Ambient, Metal, Electronic, and Classical, and hate Country, Pop, and Rap.


I like Classical music. I hate Metal, Dubstep, and Pop.

Rock, rap, pop, metal, classical, and electronic/dubstep

My favorite is metal; Least is dubstep.

Matoro, listen to this

I like the part where they're not singing.

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I like ska, rock, and classical, hate pop and country. Everything else is meh.

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I like metal, punk, rock, rap and occasionally electronic. I don't mind pop unless its commercial pop, which I can't stand.

Odd way to phrase it, but alright

I enjoy a lot of genres like electronic such as house or even synthpop, hard rock, heavy metal, punk, post-punk, progressive rock, new wave and in general, pop to some degree. But what it mostly comes down to is that a lot of stuff I listen to happens to be from the 70s and 80s.

As for least favorite, I don't think the genres themselves are bad but I do listen to rap and country the least out of everything I listen to.

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Used to be solely alternative rock and death metal.

Expanded my taste in metal greatly, though to be fair, there's really too many different subgenres to really care. Currently I'm listening to a lot of doom metal but I'll also pretty much take anything with a melodramatic tone or if it's over 7 minutes long.

Death metal? Over 7 minutes long? Listen to Crimson by Edge of Sanity, it's a 40 minute death metal song stuck_out_tongue


I like Heavy Metal and some types of Rock, I despise commercial music in general.

I like music from many genres, but not all music from all genres. I mostly listen to alternative rock and some metal. I despise country music with all my being, as well as many (but not all) of today's popular songs. Also, experimental and dark-ambient music is cool.

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I love dark ambient! Have you heard og Cryo Chamber? It's a cool dark ambient label.

I have listened to some stuff from CryoChamber. The guy that runs it, Atrium Carceri, is my favorite artist so far.

Atrium Carceri is a master. My favorite albums from Cryo Chamber include Majak, The Untold, White Silence, Psychosis, and Transmission Lost. I'm actually listening to Majak right now!

After you mentioned CryoChamber, I went to look up some albums and am listening to one called Endless by Wordclock. Seems pretty good. I'll have to try out the ones you mentioned; you're obviously far more into it than I am. stuck_out_tongue
For those who are curious about what we're talking about: http://cryochamber.bandcamp.com

Yeah, I'm super into it!

Well, mostly classical, with a bit of electric.
Movie scores mostly.

I will listen to anything and everything except country. I absolutely despise that genre. Anything else goes though. Rock, pop, EDM, anything but country.

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Firstly, I really only listen to instrumental songs (including some vocal songs with the vocals taken out.)

The styles of music (again, sans vocals) I listen to the most are action rock and hard rock/metal (take the vocals out and there's not a lot of difference), electronic/dubstep, and choral/chant music. I dislike and/or hate country, pop, and most forms of rap.

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