What are your favorite socks?

If you could only wear one pair of your socks, and its supposed to represent you as a whole on the deepest possible level, for the rest of your life, which socks would it be? And why? Why those socks, man.

If you don't wear socks then I guess you can't answer that, do you at least wear sandals or something though?

I just wanna see some real neat socks you know.


Classic white

I prefer dark gray or black socks because stains or dirt aren't as noticeable on them. There isn't anything grosser than dirty white socks


I have this pair of socks that has the Lego logo on the top.

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Socks that. I can wear with sandals.

evil laugh

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Gray, thin, and short cut.
You can wear them in spring without getting too hot, same goes for fall, but they keep your feet from hitting the cold floor in winter.

That's it, a TTV topic about socks? I'm out, you Bonkle nerds really are crazy. YOU HEAR THAT!? I'M LEAVING!! FORGET THE TTV SOUND OF MUSIC PARODY CROSSOVER OF THE YEAR!

Probably the first socks I find in my drawer, or on the ground, or under my bed, or in the clothes hamper. I'm just that kinda guy.
(That good 'nough?)

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Is it a piece of clothing? Yes? I don't care about looks, I'll wear it.

Any ones that do not have holes in them.

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Black socks, no stains, or dirt allowed.

My brother has these, and I love the cat part. it's just so silly.
Generally though, I like longer socks that cover up part of my shin. So I can feel warmer.


I don't usally wear socks

But when I do, I wear Soccer socks.


I usally wear Flip Flops, and now the socks I wear the most are my soccer socks for practices and games.

the Seattle Sky line socks with Nike sandals

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White long ankle socks


Socks mayn....normal, white socks.

work socks since that's the only way I can justify wearing socks.

My Neopolitan Goldtoes, hands down.

I would just wear some good old black socks

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good ol' regular white socks,

why is this a topic?